UV Vulcan Pro Pool 55W

Vulcan pro pool 55W
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Ref. 021084
Vulcan Pro pool UV water treatment 55
For pools up to 50 m³,
Destroys chloramines, bacteria and pathogens,
Easy installation and maintenance,
55W UV lamp supplied with anchorage supports
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Vulcan Pro pool UV water treatment 55
Ref. 021084
EUR 559
559 €
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Vulcan Pro pool steriliser + UV 55Wwith UV lamp lifespan indicator
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Vulcan Pro pool steriliser+ UV 55W with indicator and dosing pump
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UV PRO POOL UV 55W replacement lamp
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The UV steriliser Vulcan Pro Pool 55W design ensures the disinfection of pool water with a maximum volume of 50m3.

Simple and economic, the UV Vulcan Pro Pool steriliser is suitable for residential pool owners who wish to equip their pool with a reliable and efficient disinfectant system. Easy to install, the Vulcan Pro Pool allows you to disinfect pool water continuously without danger for bathers. Using this method, you lengthen the lifespan of the pool pump, the liner and the ceramic joint, if applicable. The evacuated treated water is not contaminated with chemical products and therefore, does not represent a danger to the environment.

Disinfect your pool water with the Vulcan Pro Pool 55W

At the pool filter outlet, water runs through the sterilisers chamber in which the UV lamp is contained. The UV lamp destroys germs, viruses, bacteria, microbes, spores, algae and mosses.
The UV Vulcan Pro Pool 55W steriliser is positioned horizontally or vertically at the pool filter, outlet against one of the pool walls, or in a flat position. The anchorage system is very easy to use. When fitting, remember to leave enough space between the pool wall and steriliser to facilitate manoeuvres when changing the UV lamp.

The UV lamp should be replaced around every 2 years. The UV Vulcan Pro Pool steriliser has been designed to ensure the lamp is easily changed without having to purge the system.

Supplied by the pump, the Vulcan Pro Pool operates only during the pool filters cycles. When the pump's cycle has finished, the steriliser is not active.

For additional efficiency and sustainable disinfection, consider a complementary treatment with residual active oxygen.

Consult : POOL-NET dosing pump
UV Treatment Vulcan pro pool 55W
Vulcan Pro Pool + UV 55 W
UV pro pool with dosing pump
Vulcan Pro Pool + UV 55 W with dosing pump


low pressure
Maximum operational pressure
3 bars
Wattage of lamp
8000 hours
Water flow
36 000 litres per hour
Power UV-C
Sealing factor
EU approved
Maximum volume of pool
50 m³
63 mm / 2"
2 years, lamp and quartz not covered


Dimensions Vulcan pro pool
Dimensions in mm

Installation schema

The UV steriliser is connected via a bypass to the filters circuit, positioned after the filters outlet. Delivered with a wall bracket to ensure easy installation.

Schema disinfection UV pro pool

1. UV steriliser, 2.Power supply, 3. Pool, 4. Filter pump, 5. Filter, 6. By-Pass.


2 years

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