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UVAQUA UV treatment
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UVAQUA UV treatment 2012 maximum filtration 14 m3/h
Disinfection of pool water via UV rays with liquid injection pump and integrated timeclock.
UVAQUA 2030 UV treatment for maximum filtration 30 m3/h
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UVAQUA 2018 UV treatment for maximum filtration 17 m3/h
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UVAQUA UV treatment 2012 maximum filtration 14 m3/h
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UVAQUA 2025 UV treatment for filtration 25 m3/h maximum
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UVAQUA 2040 UV treatment for maximum filtration 40 m3/h
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Pool water sterilisation using UV rays
The sun emits invisible light : Ultraviolet rays. Bio-UV water treatments reproduce this natural phenomenon using last generation, powerful lamps that emit UV-C rays.

At 254 nanometers, the optimal wavelength to eradicate micro-organisms (virus, bacteria, algae, mildew...) are UV-C rays. Capable of penetrating the DNA that perturbs the metabolism of the micro-organisms cells till destruction. All germs, are, therefore, inactive (including legionella and cryptosporidium) and cannot reproduce

The reaction chambers used with the UVAQUA range are dimensioned in relation to the capacity of the filtration pump. It is the combination of time the pool water is in contact with the treatment chamber and the power of the lamps that guarantees the dose required to eradicate 99,9% des micro-organisms (expressed in millijoules / MJ).


Totally equiped pack
To follow in real time with easy adjustment, peristatic pumps for liquid injection.
Electronic ballast
Enegy avings of over 20% - Lengthened lamp lifespan - estimated at +/- 20 seasons of use
VLL lamps (extra long life)
Lifespan > 50% than a standard lamp, quality and irradiation output.
Free quartz
Straightforward position and unique dimension for each model. Pure and resistant quality = secuity and efficiency
High-quality, 316 Ti stainless steel, alimentary quality
Fast and easy
After sales service
Rarely required and economic - free quartz
3 years perforation guarantee on stainless steel tube - 1 year on accessories (quartz and lamp does not carry a guarantee)

Technical characteristics

ModelPool volume (m3)Filtration (m3/h)Total Watt (W)Watt UV-CNumber of lampsInlet / outletDiam. UVAQUALiquid injection
UVAQUA 2012< or = 50m310 / 14m3 (3/4HP)90W2812"125Yes
UVAQUA 2018< or = 70m314 / 17m3 (1HP)90W2812"160Yes
UVAQUA 2025< or = 120m318 / 23m3 (1.5HP)180W5622" 1/2160Yes
UVAQUA 2030< or = 160m320 / 30m3 (2HP)180W5622" 1/2200Yes
UVAQUA 2040< or = 200m340m3 (3HP)270W8432" 1/2200Yes

UVAQUA is a water treatment concept without chlorine which is based on disinfection technology using UV rays of type C.

During the filtration cycle, water circulates inside the UVAQUA treatment chamber. Bacterias, virus and algae are eradicated using the lamps rays.

This purification process is prolonged by means of the UVAQUA dosing pump that injects daily a small quantity of active oxygen (without chlorine) to continue disinfection and prevent the apparition of algae on pool walls.

1. Timeclock fuse and dosing pump

2. UV lamp hour counter

3. UV fuse

4. UV lamp on/off switch

5. Dosing pump

6. Dosing pump timeclock command

7. Timeclock on/off switch
Control panel UVAQUA UV treatment

Installation schema

Installation UVAQUA UV treatment

1. Pump, 2. Filter, 3. Heating, 4. UVAQUA, 5. Discharge, 6. Pool, 7. Suction.


3 years on stainless steel tube
2 years on accessories
UV lamps hold no guarantee

Photos non-contractual
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