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Salt water treatment, Salt electrolysis

Salt electrolysis systems for a low salt water content (3-5g/l) producing chlorine
Optimal swimming comfort, easy to use
Salt electrolysisis a procedure used to disinfect your pool water using the properties of salt (salt content in water between 3 and 4g/l), that pass through the plates contained in the l'électrolyseur cell. Polarisation is effectuated using low voltage continual current The electrochemical reaction of oxidisation transforms salt to natural active chlorine :
Na+, Cl-, OH- and H+ are ions produced by the phenomenon of electrolysis and combine to form sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) which in turn, forms hypochlorous acid (HClO) when in contact with water (H2O).
The natural active chlorine reconverts naturally into salt after destroying the bacterias and micro-organisms present in you pool water.
It is sufficient to lightly salt your pool water to generate by electrolysis a powerful disinfectant, rich in active chlorine, re-transforming into salt after exploiting its powerful disinfectant action. This means there is zero salt consumption.

Hypochlorous acid is a powerful oxidant with several properties :
- Oxidise and destroys bacteria by active oxygen
- Attacks viruses at amino acid protein links
- Blocks enzyme activity contained in algae (as bacteria).
Your pool benefits from excellent swimming comfort, featuring :
- limpid, clean pool water
- less irritation for eyes and skin
- no chemical odours
- no problem with hair or swim wear discolouring
Your pool maintenance is less constraining, low consumption and no storage for products.

- The pH level of pool water must be between 7 and 7,4
Electrolysis treatment heightens the water pH level. Think about associating a pH dosing pump to your system to automatically maintain the correct pH level.

- Install a earth connection to your pool system such as "Pool Terre" to evacuate stray currents that could destroy metallic parts of your installation such as panels, pump axis etc... This is simply positioned on the filtration discharge pipe, between the filter and electrolyser cell.
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