Smart Salt 30, 60 and 90 electrolyser

Smart Salt 30, 60 and 90 salt electrolysis
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Smart Salt 30 electrolyser
Automatic pool water treatment by salt electrolysis,
Optimal operation even with very low salt content in water
Auto-cleaning electrolytic cell using polarity inversion,
Command module and electrolytic cell ,
Pool cover detection,
Water flow detection security,
Made in France

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Smart Salt 30 electrolyser
Ref. Abatik 020648 Ref. Provider PF10I120
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Smart Salt 30 electrolyser pack + Smart pH peristaltic dosing pump
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Smart Salt 90 electrolyser
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SMART pH peristaltic dosing pump
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Smart Salt 60 electrolyser
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Smart Salt 90 electrolyser pack + Smart pH peristalic dosing pump
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Smart Salt 60 electrolyser pack + Smart pH peristaltic dosing pump
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Smart Salt, the intelligent electrolyser

Innovating, Smart Salt has been designed to optimise chlorine production. Its components automate and adapt chlorine production for your pool :

Thermo regulation
The system's electrolytic cell features a temperature sensor that allows you to adjust the level of chlorine produced. If your pool water is high in temperature, photosynthesis heightens, bacteria and germs develop. Chlorine requirements are greater. Smart Salt automatically produces the adapted quantity of chlorine. If pool water temperature is lowered, Smart Salt automatically reduces chlorine production.
Flow detection
Smart salt equally is equipped with a water flow detector which enables the suspension of electrolysis if water stops circulating through the cell plates. This security measure avoids the accumulation of chlorinated gases and avoids any risk of explosion.
Pool cover detection
Smart Salt uses a sensor which is connected to the limit management system of the pool shutter. The electrolyser can detect the presence of a pool shutter and adapts chlorine production. When a pool is covered, UV's no longer penetrate the water surface and photosynthesis is suspended, reducing bacteria and germ reproduction. Chlorine requirements are reduced, Smart Salt automatically reduces production.

Auto cleaning
To simplify maintenance, the cell plates auto clean using polarity inversion. With time, plates can form limescale deposits which lessen their performance. Smart Salt regularly inverts polarity, removing limescale. This procedure lengthens the lifespan of the cell and electrolysing quality.

LED signals

Multi coloured LED lighting is integrated to the electrolytic cell. This unique system lets you see at a glance the status of the electrolyser even is a dark technical shelter.
Smart Salt 30, 60 and 90 salt electrolysis

The colour of lighting (green or blue) indicates if polarity is regular or inverted.

Smart Salt 30, 60 and 90 salt electrolysis
Salt electrolysis
Thermoregulation Smart Salt 30, 60 and 90 salt electrolysis
Thermo regulation
Pool cover detection
Pool cover detection
Auto clean Smart Salt 30, 60 and 90 salt electrolysis
Auto clean
Zelia cell Smart Salt 30, 60 and 90
Zelia cell

The Smart Salt is available in three models, depending on the volume of your pool :

- Smart Salt 30 : for pools with a volume of 10 to 30 m³
- Smart Salt 60 : for pools with a volume of 40 to 60 m³
- Smart Salt 90 : for pools with a volume of 70 to 90 m³

Smart Salt electrolyser

Smart Salt electrolyser has been designed to efficiently and automatically disinfect your pool water.

Sun, germs and algae contaminate your pool water. Using the phenomenon of electrolysis Smart Salt uses the chemical properties of salt to generate active, natural chlorine for optimal swimming comfort : eyes and skin are not irritated, no risk of allergic reaction, swimwear and hair are not discoloured.

Easy and economical to install, the Smart Salt facilitates your everyday pool maintenance.

Smart Salt features a user-friendly command module.

Associated with a transparent Zelia electrolytic cell through which salt water circulates.
Smart Salt 30, 60 and 90 salt electrolysis

Using two titanium plates treated with a ruthenium oxide treatment, the Smart Salt separates sodium (Na) from chlorine (Cl). These elements are both present in salt (NaCl). The chlorine compound is isolated and dissolves immediately on contact with water. This produces hypochlorous acid (HClO). This active agent is a powerful disinfectant, destroying germs and bacteria, keeping water healthy and clean.

Designed to operate with a minimum of salt

Smart Salt offers the possibility of operating with a very low salt content in pool water. Between 1,5 and 3,5 g per litre of water with an ambient temperature of 25°. This fact enables the Smart Salt to be compatible with all pool material limiting the effect of corrosion generated by salt.
To guarantee optimal operation and adapted chlorine production, the Smart Salt suspends its activity in the case of over production or under production.

Salt content of water expressed in grams/litre depending on ambient temperature :


Details Smart Salt 30, 60 and 90 salt electrolysis

Command module

Smart Salt uses a command module which is easily installed. The module shows the status of the electrolyser at a glance by means of luminous signals :

Pool cover detection
"Automatic /Shock mode"
Circulation signal
Start/stop button
Polarity indicator
Overproduction signal
Production signal
Under production signal

Pool cover detection : Indicates your pool shutter is closed. Smart Salt automatically produces less chlorine.
"Automatic /Shock mode" : Choice of program mode.
Circulation signal : Indicates correct water flow through cell.
Polarity indicator : Polarity inversion for auto cleaning
Overproduction signal : Water conductivity shows an excess of salt present in water. Smart Salt suspends production.
Production signal : Visualises the progress of cycle in production.
Under production signal : Water conductivity shows an insufficient level of salt present in water. Smart Salt suspends production to avoid damage to cell plates.

Programming electroysis

The command module of the Smart Salt offers two modes :

- Permenant /Shock mode : the electrolyser generates chlorine for the duration of the filtration cycle
- Automatic / thermo regulated : adapts the quantity of production to the temperature of the water which is measured by the unit cell. Three production cycles are available to the user, depending on the volume of your pool :

Chlorine production with Smart Salt

Example : Your pool has a volume of 42 m³. You would choose cycle n°2. Smart Salt reduces salt production and adapts to the pool volume. If water is 24°C, production time will be 10h.

Each cycle has 4 phases :

- Normal production
- Pause
- Production with inverted polarity (self-cleaning of cell plates)
- Pause


Smart Salt is easily installed. It can be fitted in a linear manner or using a by pass. We recommend the use of a by pass to enable the adjustment of water flow through the unit cell without disturbing the filtration circuit and reducing friction loss.

Smart Salt linear installation Linear installation
Smart Salt By pass installation By-Pass installation (reccomended)

Connection Smart SaltSmart Salt cell connection
Power supply connection : Smart Salt should be connected to a 230V single phase 50 Hz power supply with a 30 mA trip switch.

The unit should be installed at least 3m50 from the poolside. The power cable is supplied with the command module.

The material should be installed by a qualified technician. You must install a pool-earth if you do not already have one. A pool earth will eliminate any stray currents and avoid corrosion of metallic equipment in your pool (access ramp, ladder...).

Connection of an electrolytic cell : Directly connected to command module using a supplied connector.

pH regulation (On option)

pH measures the acidity of pool water on a scale of 0 to 14. An ideal pH for pool water is between 6,8 and 7,6. An acidic pH level, (less than 6,8) is aggressive to mucosa, causes metallic corrosion and can damage the pool liner. Water containing a basic pH level (over 7.6) can be equally aggressive to the skin and diminish disinfecting properties of chlorine.

Salt heightens the water pH level, requiring specific attention and intervention to maintain chlorine efficiency and swimming comfort.

We recommend the use of a pH regulator to totally automate your pool water maintenance.

The SMART pH peristaltic dosing pump (available on option) contributes efficiently to the pH regulation of your water. Easy to use, measuring the pH level using an ultra-precise probe.

If pH is not in range, correction fluid is sent to the pool water.

Quietly run and compact, this dosing pump analyses and corrects your pool water for you.


Smart pH

ModelsSmart Salt 30Smart Salt 60Smart Salt 90
Max volume of pool10 to 30 m³20 to 60 m³30 to 90 m³
Dimensions260 x 180 x 80 mm260 x 180 x 80 mm260 x 180 x 80 mm
Weight6 kg6 kg6 kg
Maximum production. (en g/h)4812
Salt level*1.5 g/l at 3.5 g/l1.5 g/l at 3.5 g/l1.5 g/l at 3.5 g/l
Cell cleaningBy polarity inversionpolarity inversionpolarity inversion
Maximum flow.22 m³22 m³22 m³
Maximum pressure3 bars3 bars3 bars
Power supply230V/50 Hz230V/50 Hz230V/50 Hz
Energy consumption250 W250 W250 W
Protection indexIP-65IP-65IP-65
InsulationClass IIClass IIClass II

* With an outdoor temperature of 25°C


Smart Salt electrolyser
Union connections (diameter 50)
Fixation screws and plugs
Users manual
Smart pH regulator
On option


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