REDOXMATIC electrolysis regulation

REDOXMATIC electrolysis regulation
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REDOXMATIC electrolyser regulation
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Automatically regulates all salt electrolysis,
Less wear and tear on the electrolyser cell
REDOXMATIC SEL automates chlorine production in all electrolysis systems. This unit actions and ceases electrolyser operation following its set range.
Redoxmatic permanently measures the level of chlorine present in your pool water. When this reading strays from the set range, REDOXMATIC actions the electrolyser and commences chlorine production.
By using regulation, you can economise your electrolyser operation and prolong your cell life.
Using a backlit LCD screen, showing the level of product present in water.

Adapted to all brands and models

Using integrated double regulation, many configurations are possible to enable liquid chlorine or bromine, adapting to all pools, residential or public.

Redoxmatic electrolyser regulator


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