Eco Chlore Volet corrosion prevention system

Eco Chlore Volet corrosion prevention system
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Eco Chlore Volet corrosion prevention system by aqualyse
EUR 185.00
Optional module compatible with Aqualyse salt electrolyser,
Reduces chlorine production when pool shutter is closed,
Lengthens the lifespan of your pool shutter, liner and pool ladder,
Reduces salt consumption.
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You use a salt water treatment system and you have a pool shutter. Once the shutter is in a shut position, UV rays no longer penetrate the pool, ceasing the transformation of chlorine into salt. This build up of chlorine becomes oxidant and volatile. If contained in a large quantity in the pool water it can damage the axis and slats of the shutter, liner, pool ladder...
This is why the company Aqualyse have designed the Eco Chlore Volet, that drastically reduces chlorine production once the pool shutter is closed. Protecting pool equipment and adopting ecological awareness by reducing your salt consumption becomes easy with Eco Chlore Volet.

Eco Chlore Volet corrosion prevention system

Operation of Eco Chlore Volet

The Eco Chlore Volet system is connected to the Aqualyse electrolyser analysis cell. A separate connection to the pool shutter confirms if it is in an open or closed position. Working as a potentiometer, the system is capable of modifying the electrical intensity of the electrolyser and in consequence, lowers production.

Settings of the Eco Chlore Volet system

Factory set for effective production from 20 %, equating at an 80% reduction in chlorine production. Eco Chlore features 10 levels, which are manually programmable using the switch situated inside the unit.

Chlorine production6%9%12%15%20%25%30%35%40%50%

Switch for Eco Chlore Volet corrosion prevention system

Eco chlore volet operational schema

Installation schema Eco Chlore Volet corrosion prevention system

Eco chlore volet housing box (1) is connected by series in your Aqualyse electrolyser (2) and cell (3). The unit and electrolyser receive the electrical current needed for power connection.
When the shutter (4) sends the closed position command to the Eco chlore volet system, chlorine production is regulated and information sent from the electrolyser to the cell is modified.
If the shutter is in an open position the Eco chlore volet has no impact on the pool water treatment system.


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