Astral combined electrolyser and pH regulation

Astral combined electrolyser and pH regulation
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Electrolyser/ pH regulation Astral SEL for pools between 40 and 60m3
Combined electrolyser and pH regulation +/-,
For existing pools or pools under construction up to 60m³,
Self-cleaning by polarity inversion,
Easy installation
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Electrolyser/ pH regulation Astral SEL for pools between 40 and 60m3
Ref. 017706
EUR 1549
1549 €
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Electrolyser/pH regulation Astral SEL for pools up to 40m3
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The Astral combined electrolyser and pH regulation offers
automatic management of your chlorine production and regulation of pH.
You can benefit from crystalline water limiting to a maximum the manipulation
of treatment products.

2 in 1 : for simplified installation, saving space in your technical shelter.
The module allows you to be free from manual intervention concerning
chlorine and pH maintenance in your pool.

Two models are available : Astral SEL 40 for pools up to 40m³
and Astral SEL 60 for pools up to 60m³.

Astral combined electrolyser and pH regulation

Advantages of the Astral combined electrolyser and pH regulation

Easy installation : The transparent sensor support, injector, earth connection, flow switch and cell housing ensures easy, compact installation on the hydraulic system.

Security : The transparent cell housing features a security precaution - when pump flow is interrupted or insufficient, the flow detection stops chlorine production and does not damage your installation.

Efficient and economical :The Astral combined electrolyser and pH regulation totally automates you water treatment management for your pool water. This optimises the efficiency and consumption of disinfecting products, making important economies.

Composition of the Astral combined electrolyser and pH regulation

Astral SEL electrolyser

The Astral SEL is composed of :
- An ABS command module with wall mounting plugs.
- A transparent cell support to be installed on the pipework.
- An electrolyte cell.


The housing uses an easy to use control panel that indicates the status of the unit
by means of luminous indicators.

Transparent cell support
Astral combined electrolyser and pH regulation
The transparent cell support is installed on your pipework, allowing the visualisation of the cleanliness of electrodes. Integrating a pH sensor, (a), an injector (b) and a flow detector (c). It's earthed connection (d) ensures the evacuation of stray currents that could attack metallic parts present in the pool water.

Astral combined electrolyser and pH regulation cell

Transparent cell support


The cell is composed of titanium plates coated with ruthenium and iridium oxide and is self-cleaning by polarity inversion. This guarantees a quality production of chlorine and contributes to the long lifespan of the cell.

Shutter detection
If your pool is equipped with and automatic shutter and it is in a closed position, you can reduce chlorine production of your electrolyser to avoid a concentration of chlorine that could harm the shutter slats. The Astral SEL manages automatically the production of chlorine depending on the position of your shutter on the condition that there is a contact present on your shutter installation.

Factory set to diminish production by half, Astral SEL can equally be set to deal with specific constraints.
Technical features of Astral SEL

ModelAstral SEL 40Astral SEL 60
Power supply220V/50Hz220V/50Hz
Chlorine production10,34g/h16,16g/h
Maximum volume of pool40m³60m³
Minimum required flow2,9m³/h2,9m³/h
Minimum temperature of operation15°C15°C
Orientation of cellHorizontalHorizontal
Cell cleaningPolarity inversion every three hoursPolarity inversion every three hours
Setting of polarity inversionFrom 1 to 6 hoursFrom 1 to 6 hours
Length of cell13cm19cm
Weight of cell329g487g
Flow detectionIntegrated to transparent cell supportIntegrated to transparent cell support
Module dimensions L x w x H38 x 27,5 x 13cm38 x 27,5 x 13cm
Weight of module2,5kg2,5kg
Shutter contactYesYes

Astral pH regulation

Astral pH is a simple and efficient analysing and regulating system.
Its peristaltic pump allows the treatment of pools up to 60m³.

Supplied with a complete connection kit, Astral pH is installed easily
and quickly on the majority of filtration systems. Its connection is made
on an electric power supply conform to norm C-15-100
(protection by 30 mA circuit breaker).

The pH sensor and pump injects automatically the quantity of pH
corrector adapted to the pool water status.
PH regulation Astral combined
Technical characteristics of the Astral pH

Power supply
pH + and pH -
Self-priming peristaltic
2,4l/h at 1 bar
Automatic, proportional
Tube composed of
Measuring method
By sensor
Measuring precision
Measuring scale
4 to 11pH
Calibrage with buffering solution, warning if error
pH range
Factory set at 7,4
pH setting range
6 to 9pH by 0,05pH
Sensor connection
BNC connection
Legth of cable to sensor
10 meters
Dimensions of module L x w x H
38 x 27,5 x 16cm
Weight of module


Installation Astral combined electrolyser and pH regulation

1. Power supply
2. Electrical box
3. Astral SEL electrolyser
4. Astral pH regulation
5. Slave pump connection
6. Pool pump
7. Pool filter
8. Transparent cell housing
9. Cell
10. pH sensor
11. Flow detector
12. Suction of liquid pH + or -
13. Injection of liquid pH + or -
14. Discharge towards pool

Composition du kit

The Astral kit is supplied complete, ready to use.

Kit includes :
- 1 ABS command module with digital screen and setting buttons (1),
- 1 transparent cell housing (2) with connections and reducers (3),
- 1 electrolyte cell (4),
- 1 Pool Terre earth connection (5),
- 1 flow detector (6),
- 1 ABS pH command module with digital screen and program buttons (7),
- 1 integrated peristaltic pump (8),
- 1 pH sensor (9),
- 1 suction tube and 1 crystal PVC injection tube (10),
- 1 suction sieve with pH corrector (11),
- 1 pH injection valve (12),
- Analysing strips (13),
- 1 users manual.

Kit Astral combined electrolyser and pH regulation

Packgaging of Astral SEL and pH

ModelAstral 40Astral 60
Packaging dimensions L x w x H62,5 x 34 x 47cm62,5 x 34 x 47cm
Weight of package11,15kg11,40kg


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