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SMC salt electrolyser
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SMC 20 salt electrolyser
Top of the range salt electrolyser featuring switch mode technology and dual-polar cell for better performance.
Easy installation. For pools up to 150 m³
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SMC 20 salt electrolyser
Ref. Abatik 008334 Ref. Provider SMC 20
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SMC 30 salt electrolyser
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The range of SMC electrolysers uses power sourced from Switch Mode Technology
conferring exceptional characteristics and performances. Power sourced from
Switch Mode creates a higher performance than a conventional source, allowing
precise control over the outlet current, ensuring amongst other points the electrode lifespan.

A new generation of exclusive dual-polar cells has been developed to maximise the benefits
of the higher power source of switch mode. This results in a highly reliable, efficient electrolyser.

The association of these two technologies has led to the development of more advanced and dependable units.
This electrolyser, for example, is not limited to the salt content in your
pool water and can operate directly with sea water.

These technologies have also allowed the manufacture of large capacity units
(10kg and more of chlorine per hour), designed to operate 24h/day, with a cell
lifespan that can reach 48000 hours.


*Switch Mode technology
*Dual pole cell
*40% less consumption
*Aluminium structure : Total corrosion protection
*Polarity cycle can be programmed
*Compatible with all filters and pool types
SMC salt electrolyser

Switch Mode technology

All of our dual-pole electrolysers use a power sourced by Switch Mode.
These sources present many advantages in comparison to conventional transformers, especially when used with a dual pole cell.

Switch mode SMC salt electrolyser
Power sourced in Switch mode
Conventional mode SMC salt electrolyser
Power sourced Conventional mode

Chlorine production is effectuated by a cycle of polarisation interruption. This indicates that the electrolyser always works at a constant and optimal level in comparison to the performance of the cell. This has a fundamental incidence on the electrode's lifespan.
Adjustment by interruption
Adjustment by interruption
Adjustment by power source
Adjustment by power source

In a conventional electrolyser, however, the adjustment is made by varying the power supplied to the electrode so the unit's working range is adapted and performance is not managed.

In general, Switch Mode power supplies a better quality signal without peaks and allows precise control when there is a pole change.

Dual-pole cell technology

An electrolytic cell is composed of two immersed electrodes to which a difference of potential is applied. As the electrolytic is a conductor (salt water in the case of a pool), the applied difference of potential generates an electrical current that circulates through the electrodes and power source creating a series of chemical reactions inside the cell.

One of the results of these actions is the liberation of chlorine on the surface of the anode (positive electrode).

The quantity of chlorine produced on the anode surface is proportional to the electrical current it passes through.
To reach a production of chlorine which is sufficient, the electrical current or the electrodes surface must be heightened. For practical and technical reasons (electrode deterioration), the electrical current should not be heightened indefinitely. Therefore, the available production surface should be heightened by multiplying the number of electrodes.

Single pole cell

(Classic electrolyser)
Single pole cell
In a classic electrolyser, the cell is made from a repetition of unit cells. This method requires all the electrodes to be connected to the power source which must supply a certain quantity of current to each unit cell.

Dual pole cell

(SMC exclusive)
Bi pole cell
In a dual pole cell, only the electrodes which are situated at the extremity are connected to the power source. The current passes through the intermediate electrodes directly without passage by the power source. These electrodes act as an anode on one surface and a cathode on the opposed surface simultaneously. This is why the term "dual-pole cell" is used.

For the same power source, the current which passes through the electrodes in a dual pole cell is much higher than a single pole, therefore, the system is much more efficient.

Electrolytic cell in detail

The electrolytic cell in detail

Transparent polycarbonate cell body allowing permanent visual control (checking plate cleanliness, water circulation...)
T cell facilitating installation
Optimisation of hydrodynamics reducing limescale
Plates positioned to facilitate water circulation
Cell double sealed to ensure water tightness
Bi-composite cap for easy opening
Anti-corrosion connectors

SMC 20 and 30 electrolyser installation

SMC installation
Suction by skimmer
Suction by main drain
Filtration pump
Control module
Return to pool

Installation of control module

Install the control module in a sheltered area in your technical room.
The box should be protected from splashes, rain and flooding.
The module should be situated in an easy to reach, ventilated area.

The command box should be 1.5 m maximum from the electrolytic cell and a minimum of 3.50 m from the pool.
The power supply of the module should be fitted with a 30 mA circuit breaker.
We recommend that the installation should be effectuated by a qualified technician.
It is imperative to install a "Pool-Terre" earth connection to eliminate stray currents that can lead to the corrosion of metallic elements present in your pool (pump, ladders, sealing parts...).

The SMC 20 and 30 salt electrolysers operate on a 230V single-phase supply.
To install your module easily, use the mounting kit supplied with your electrolyser.

Installation of the cell

The cell should be placed after the filter, the filtration pump and other additional equipment such as heat pump, solar panels... To mount the housing of the cell, use PVC glue. Once the glue has dried, insert the cell.

We recommend the installation of a three-way by-pass to optimise water circulation that passes through the cell. If circulation is too strong it can lead to pressure and vibrations that can damage your cell.

It is preferable to install the housing of the cell vertically allowing easy access to the cell.

On option: Automatic pH regulation

The pH measure shows if your pool water is acidic or basic. Water pH should be between 6.8 and 7.6.
Many elements can change water pH : variation of outdoor temperature, frequent pool use, poor dosing of chemical treatment products. The pH level becomes unbalanced :
- If lower than 6.8 : water is too acidic leading to corrosion of metallic parts in contact with pool water, favouring the development of algae and irritating eyes, skin and mucosa of swimmers.
- If over 7.6 : Water is too basic. Losing clarity, irritating eyes and mucosa of swimmers. Basic water can make swimming uncomfortable and chemical treatment products are less efficient.

Salt production heightens the basic aspect of water. To avoid any discomfort, we advise the use of a dosing pump. A dosing pump measures the pH level and regularly injects the adapted correction liquid.
A dosing pump is installed on the hydraulic circuit after the electrolytic cell as corrector liquid can damage the cell plates and their good working order.

Features of the SMC electrolyser

ModelSMC 20SMC 30
Reccomended volume of water30-90 m³80-150 m³
Maximum water flow450 litres/minute450 litres/minute
Maximum pressure480 kpa480 kpa
Drop of pressure5 kpa5 kpa
Chlorine production20 gr/h30 gr/h
Granulated equivilant30 gr45 gr
Liquid equivilent220 ml330 ml
Output voltage25 VDC25 VDC
Amperage4,7 amp6,9 amp
Type of cellDual poleDual pole
Recommended salt content in water4 gr/litre4 gr/litre
Cell housingPolycarbonatePolycarbonate
Cell life14 000 h14 000 h
Electrode materialTitanium grade 1Titanium grade 1
Polarity cycles programmable6-8-12 h6-8-12 h
Maximum pool volume in temperate climate100 m³170 m³
Maximum volume of pool in tropical climate75 m³125 m³
Voltage220 VAC220 VAC
Maximum charge8 amp8 amp
Consumption190 Watt300 Watt
Digital programmingyesyes
Weight3,3 kg3,5 kg
IP protectionIP 24IP 24


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