HAYWARD Salt & Swim electrolyser

HAYWARD Salt & Swim electrolyser
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Hayward Salt & Swim salt electrolyser
Treatment of your pool water by salt electrolysis,
For existing pools or pools under construction up to 110m³,
Self-cleaning by polarity,
Reduced installation space required,
Flow detection security
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Hayward Salt & Swim salt electrolyser
Ref. Abatik 016789 Ref. Provider SASW110
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HAYWARD EZ pH regulation
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The HAYWARD Salt & Swim electrolyser

Salt electrolysis is an efficient and comfortable method of disinfection. User-friendly and independent, this unit permanently supervises chlorine levels present in water.

The concept of an electrolyser is to transform salt (sodium chloride) disolved in the pool water to natural chlorine to eliminate bacteria and algae.


The electrolyser Salt & Swim is adapted to existing pools or pools under construction up to 110m³. Ideal for pool renovation, requiring no specific tools for installation.

When using the salt and swim system, you no longer have to manipulate or store chemical treatment products. The required quantity of chlorine to fully disinfect the pool water is automatically regulated.

Salt is added to the pool water when the system is installed (approx 3,2 grams per litre) with some complementary additions during the course of the year. This system is very cost-effective.
HAYWARD Salt & Swim electrolyser

The cell

The cell is composed of titanium plates covered with ruthenium iridium oxide. Self-cleaning by polarity inversion. This guarantees a high-quality chlorine production and contributes to the lifespan of the cell.

This cell features a temperature sensor and flow detector. The cell is positioned on your pipework. Its compact size adapts to all types of configurations - vertical, horizontal or inclined.

Control panel

Salt and Swim is commanded by an easy to use control panel which indicates the unit's status by LED luminous signals.

Salt and swim control panel
1. Super Chlorination : Appears when shock chlorine treatment is in operation.

2. Production : Chlorine is being produced.

3. Pause : The unit is waiting for the filtration cycle to start /the unit is between two cycles.

4. Problem detected : refer to the owners manual.

5. Poor circulation : The unit's cell life is reaching expiry

6. Insufficient flow : The filtration flow is insufficient to ensure chlorine production.

The buttons concerning chlorine production allow the unit to be programmed (A), the LED luminious signals report the level of production (B).

The pack contains

- 1 command module in ABS housing with wall mounting kit.
- 1 Cell base
- Compression screws and rings
- 1 electrolytic cell equipped with titanium plates coated with ruthenium and iridium oxide.
- Cell cap with power cord
- Cutting and installation template
- Hardware
- 1 bolt nut

Technical charateristics

Chlorine production
Salt level
Maximum volume of pool
Minimum required flow
Orientation of cell
Vertical, horizontal or inclined
Cell cleaning
Polarity inversion every three hours
Flow detector
Integrated to cell
Super chlorine mode
Low-temperature protection
By reduced production under 15°C, stops under 10°C
Weight of unit


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2 installation methods possible

Linear installation

Linear installation HAYWARD Salt & Swim electrolyser
1. Pool suction
2. Filtration pump
3. Pool filter
4. Electrical box
5. Heating unit (optional)
6. Salt & Swim command module
7. Salt & Swim electrolytic cell
8. Pool discharge

To optimise the use of your electrolyser we reccomend a by-pass installation of your cell at the filtration outlet.

By-Pass installation

By pass installation HAYWARD Salt & Swim electrolyser
1. Pool suction
2. Pool pump
3. Pool filter
4. Electrical box
5. Heating unit (optional)
6. Salt & Swim command module
7. By-pass valves
8. Salt & Swim electrolytic cell
9. Discharge

Water pH should be between 7 and 7,4. Salt electrolysis heightens the pH level contained in water. For maximum confort, we advise you to associate a Regul EZ pH dosing pump to automatically regulate your pH level.

Contents of Regul EZ pH pack

HAYWARD Salt & Swim electrolyser pack
1. Regul EZ pH dosing pump
2. Paddle clamp collars
3. pH sensor
4. Injection and suction tubes
5. Suction seive
6. Buffering solution for pH sensor

Operation of the Regul EZ pH regulator

Regul EZ pH installation
1. Pool suction
2. Filtration pump
3. Filter
4. Electrical box
5. Salt & Swim command module
6. Salt & Swim electrolytic cell
7. Regul EZ pH dosing pump
8. pH sensor
9. pH corrector storage
10.Pool discharge

Technical charateristics

pH + and pH - correction
Pump flow
From 1,5 to 5l/h
pH range
From 0 to 14
Measurement precision
Power supply
220V/50Hz single phase
Back pressure
1,5 bars
Dimensions of unit housing
W162 x H234 x D108mm
Weight of unit
Suction cane
pH measure sensor
Paddle clamp sensor
Diameter 50mm
Buffering kit solution
pH + and pH -


- Check your filtration pump is compatible with a salt electrolyser

-If you do not already use a Pool Terre we reccoment that you install one to evacuate residual currents that can deteriorate metallic parts if in contact with pool water.


2 years

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