ASTRAL SEL electrolyser

ASTRAL SEL electrolyser
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Ref. Abatik 001989
Ref. Provider 60222
ASTRAL SEL electrolyser 40 m3 (self-cleaning)
Self-cleaning electrolyser using polarity inversion,
Operates with a salt content of 4 g/l of pool water.
ASTRAL SEL electrolyser 160 m3 (self-cleaning)
Ref. Abatik 010271 Ref. Provider 60225
EUR 1690
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ASTRAL SEL electrolyser 40 m3 (self-cleaning)
Ref. Abatik 001989 Ref. Provider 60222
EUR 1030
1030 €
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ASTRAL SEL electrolyser 60 m3 (self-cleaning)
Ref. Abatik 010270 Ref. Provider 60223
EUR 1229
1229 €
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ASTRAL SEL electrolyser 100 m3 (self-cleaning)
Ref. Abatik 010272 Ref. Provider 60224NEW
EUR 1490
1490 €
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ModelsVolumeChlorine production
ASTRAL SEL 40up to 40 m311,3 g/h
ASTRAL SEL 60up to 60 m316 g/h
ASTRAL SEL 100up to 100 m324 g/h
ASTRAL SEL 160up to 160 m330 g/h

ASTRAL SEL electrolyser
1. Electrodes, 2. Sensors, 3. Command module of electrolyser

Total automation of your pool water treatment

The disinfection of your pool water is automatically managed. You can enjoy your pool in serenity.
Your pool water is agreeable, without the smell or taste of chlorine, no aggression for the mucosa, eyes or skin.

Just dissolve 4 g/l of salt into your pool water.
The ASTRAL SEL electrolyser converts salt into an active disinfectant that destroys algae, bacteria, fungus and oxidises organic residue.
When the pool is in use in combination with UV rays, the main disinfectant transforms back to salt. This cycle is constantly renewed.
The cell of this electrolyser ensures continuous chlorine production.


Using polarity inversion, the cell of the ASTRAL SEL no longer has limescale deposits.
Self-cleaning is automatically managed by the control module.

Performance and installation

The ASTRAL SEL electrolyser adapts to all filtration systems. It is compatible with all pool finishes.

Featuring a transparent support that lets you see the cleanliness of the electrodes .
The titanium electrodes are coated with metallic oxides that give extra protection.

The unit also features an integrated earth connection to protect the metallic fittings in your pool.

The pack includes :
- 1 on/off system by water flow,
- 1 earth connection,
- Salt analysis strips,
- 1 pre-equipment to allow the installation of a pH regulator.


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