ZODIAC EI salt electrolyser for pools

ZODIAC EI salt electrolyser for pools
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Ref. Abatik 008428
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ZODIAC EI 17 electrolyser for pools up to 70 m³
ZODIAC salt electrolyser for pool
For pools from 40 to 100m³
Operational from 3g of salt/litre of water
Inverted polarity
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ZODIAC EI 10 electrolyser for pools up to 40 m³
Ref. Abatik 008367 Ref. Provider EI40
EUR 888
888 €
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ZODIAC EI 17 electrolyser for pools up to 70 m³
Ref. Abatik 008428 Ref. Provider W383510
EUR 1070
1070 €
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ZODIAC EI 25 electrolyser for pools up to 100 m³
Ref. Abatik 008429 Ref. Provider EI100
EUR 1349
1349 €
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Advantages of the ZODIAC EI

Even easier to install
EI is installed in less than 10 minutes using the Quick Fix system...(see below)
Even easier to adapt
Vertical or horizontal installation without deformation of the mounting system.
Even easier to use
Timeclock to manage filtration and chlorine production time in an independent manner.
Even easier to maintain
Self-cleaning electrodes using polarity inversion. Clearwater technology titanium plates guarantee optimal lifespan.

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Principe de Fonctionnement

Operational system

Salt electrolysis is based on a basic principal.
• A low salt content is added to pool water : 4 g/l, approximately 9 times less than salt water.
• The salt electrolyser is installed on the pool filtration circuit. Salt is transformed into chlorine using electrolysis through the unit's cell.
• The produced chlorine fights against bacteria, algae and microorganisms.
• The chlorine eliminated by the effect of UV rays is constantly renewed by the cell without your intervention.
• The ZODIAC Ei® is adapted to all types of pools and finishes.

Installation ZODIAC EI salt electrolyser for pools
1 - Command module : regulates the level of chlorine production
2 - Water with low salt content (4 g/l)
3 - Cell : active chlorine production from salt water

Technical charateristics

ModelEI 10EI 17EI 25
Chlorine production10g/h17g/h25g/h
Volume of water (volume calculated for 8h of filtration)40 m³70 m³100 m³

Minimum flow
5 m3/h
Maximum flow
over 18 m3/h, the cell should be installed using a by-pass
Supply voltage
220-240 VAC (50 Hz)
Authorised pressure in cell
275 kPa = 2,75 bars
Maximum water temperature
Minimum salt content in water
3 g/l (recommended salt content 4 g/l)
Optimisation of performance
Adjustable polarity inversion (every 2h30 or 5h) in the case of very hard water
Position of cell
Cell body vertical or horizontal (with flow switch)
Dimensions of cell (L x H)
162 x 270 mm
Length of cable for cell housing
1,8 m
Index of Protection
IP 24
Paddle clamp 50mm

QUICK FIX installation

Quick fix installation schema
1- Drill 2 20 mm holes on your pipework
2- Clip the paddle clamp onto your pipework
3- Position electrodes and fix the transparent cell body into place using the supplied tool


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