Limpido Pro salt electrolyser

Limpido Pro salt electrolyser
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Limpido Pro 320 salt electrolyser
Robust salt electrolyser designed for larger pools
Daily program and timeclock
Totally equipped
Electromechanical system
Treats 160 to 320m3
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LIMPIDO PRO 160 salt electrolyser
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Limpido Pro 320 salt electrolyser
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The Limpido Pro is an electromechanical water treatment system perfectly adapted to large pools. Two models are available : The Pro 160 that can treat pools up to 160m3 and the Pro 320 designed to treat pools up to 320m3.

Limpido Pro salt electrolysers 160 and 320
By using the Limpido Pro, no more manipulation or storage of chemical products. The required quantity of chlorine is automatically regulated, eyes and skin are no longer irritated.

The Limpido Pro 160 features one cell. The Pro 320 uses 2 cells.

The cells are equipped with full titanium plates which have a
ruthenium oxide coating indicating an excellent lifespan.
Cell Limpido Pro salt electrolyser

Operation of the unit

The robust design of the Limpido Pro boasts excellent sealing for perfect water tightness.
The kit includes all the command and security elements required for installation of the unit.

Power supply indicator (a), Timeclock (b), Mode selector (Auto/Stop/Manual)
electrolyser (c), Water circulation in cell indicator (d), Normal and inverted production indicator
(e), Production setting (f), Production circuit breaker (g),
amperemeter production indicators (h).

Depending on the production level of chlorine desired, two models are available :

Manual mode : Limpido Pro repeats its 2h production cycle during the whole filtration period.

Auto mode : The electrolyser operates only during the time programmed on the timeclock.
Command module Limpido Pro salt electrolyser

Flow switch
The Limpido Pro electrolyser uses a flow detector to stop operation if there is no water circulating
through the cell or during the backwash cycle.

This avoids all risk of accumulation of hydrogen gases or overheating of the unit.
The luminous signal is apparent on the front panel of the unit.

The Limpido Pro does not produce chlorine between filtration cycles determined by
the pool program timeclock.

Production cycles are split into two segments : Normal and inverted. They alternate electrode polarity
to avoid limescale deposits. This self-cleaning system guarantees the long lifespan of your material.

At the end of each cycle, the Limpido Pro stops instantly, starting again at the point it left off with the
next filtration cycle.

The Limpido Pro electrolyser is supplied with 50mm union connections. This unit requires being installed
using a by pass

The advantages of the Limpido Pro

Environmentally friendly
- Ecological and economical, does not require chemical products. You can make important savings by
adjusting chlorine production under certain conditions of use.

Swimmers comfort
- With Limpido Pro, you no longer need to handle and stock chemical products.

Technical characteristics

ModelLimpido Pro 160Limpido Pro 320
Chlorine production48g/h96g/h
Pool volumefrom 60 to 160m3from 140 to 320m3
Cell cleaningpolarity inversionpolarity inversion
Power consumption250w400w
Maximum pressure in cell3 bars3 bars
Maximum flow through cell22m3/h22m3/h
ElectrodesMassif titanium plates coated with rutheniumMassif titanium plates coated with ruthenium
Flow switchYesYes
Dimensions of modulel320 x h420 x p200mml320 x h420 x p200mm
Power supplysingle-phase 230v/50Hzsingle-phase 230v/50Hz
Protection indexIP-65-8IP-65-8
InsulationClass IIClass II

The electrolysing kit includes :

- 1 Limpido Pro module
- 1 electrolyte cell (Pro 160) / 2 electrolyte cell (Pro 320)
- 1 flow switch
- 1 POOL-TERRE earth electrode
- 2 ø50mm paddle clamps
- 1 1/2" nipple connection
- 2 union connection
- 1 salinity tester
- 1 users manual


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