Winterizing accessory pack for 8x4m pools

Complete winterizing accessory pack
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Pack hivernage pour piscine 8x4 m
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Complete winterizing kit for pools up to 8x4m including:
3 caps
2 Gizmos
20 floaters
1x5l container of winterizing product
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Winterizing accessory pack in detail
1. 20 Floaters
2. 3 winterizing cap
3. 2 gizmos
4. 1 x 5l container of winterizing liquid product

1. Gizmo bottles screw into skimmers. Flexible and empty, they absorb dust and ice that create pressure.

2. Winterizing floaters avoid the negative effect of dilatation due to the formation of ice, preserving and protecting the pool structure.

3. Winterizing caps are positioned in the brush adaptor and/or discharge nozzles to obstruct their opening orifice.

4. Liquid winterizing product provides protection from algae development and prevents a developed encrusting of limescale deposits and staining.

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