ASTRAL winterizing product for pools 5 liter container

Astral winterizing product 5l container
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Winterizing product 5 Liter container
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ASTRAL winterizing product for pools conditioned in a 5-liter container. Guaranteed phosphate free and compatible with other pool disinfectant treatments.
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A winterizing treatment prevents the development of algae and parasites during the winter period and facilitates preparation when opening your pool in the Spring.

This winterizing liquid is compatible with:

- All filtration systems
- When diluted, all disinfectant and auxiliary treatments used in pool water
- Compatible with all water disinfectants (including P.H.M.B.)
- Guaranteed phosphate free (does not stain liners or polyester shells).

During the winter, fights against:

- Algae and bacterial proliferation,
- encrustation of limescale and mineral deposits.
ASTRAL winterizing product for pools, 5 litre container

Instructions from use :

At the end of the swimming season, continue your regular water treatment, effectuate a shock chlorine treatment and add 5 litres of product for 60 m3 of water.
Water pH should be between 7.2 and 7.4.
Pour the required amount of product in your pool. Activate filtration till the product has been well distributed throughout the water.
It is recommended to repeat the treatment to ensure protection till the pool is opened again in the Springtime.

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