Electrical boxes for pools

ELEXIUM, SPACIUM electrical boxes to power your technical shelter,
Lighting and frost protection boxes,
A wide range of electrical boxes to choose from with many possible options for your pool equipment.

Price : 39 

Frost protection that automatically starts your filtration pump, Protects your pump, pipework, filter...

Price : 118.20 

To power a booster pump of pool cleaner, type Polaris, Features a timeclock for daily program running, Magnetic-thermal trip switch

Price : 120 

Frost protection by filtration pump automation, Protects filtration pump, pipework and filter, Easy installation and use.

Starting from : 166.90 

Timeclock for program and booster pump, Slave depart, Easy to use, Many options.

Starting from : 182 

Box for pools, Timeclock for programming, Easy to use, Many options Single-phase

Starting from : 193 

Easy to install Filtration control, Commands up to 2 300W projectors, Daily program timeclock, Trip switch depending on model

Starting from : 199 

Independent pool lighting boxes, Easy to use, Can command up to 2 300w projectors, Easy connection, Toroidal transformers

Price : 202 

Frost protection box with automatic start of filtration pump, protecting the filtration pump, pipework, filter...

Starting from : 229 

Electrical box to command your filtration system, Program timeclock, Easy to use, Transformer for lighting projector

Starting from : 237 

External remote control, Command and access from outside technical shelter, Certain models with trip switch

Starting from : 239 

For single-phase filtration pump, Program timeclock, Slave terminals for automatic treatment systems, Pre-cabled, ready to install, Easy...

Price : 449 

Electrical box designed in France Can connect filtration, booster pump and electrolyser, Can also command your lighting projectors, Easy to...

Starting from : 464 

Electrical box with timeclock Wall anchoring Sold with or without trip switch

Starting from : 489 

Filtration management by thermoregulated timeclock Power supply 230V Frost protection Projector distance command User friendly Digital...

Starting from : 519 

Centralises numerous functions linked to pool management, Intelligent filtration management, Programs pool lighting, Multiple options

The electrical box centralises commands and powers various pool equipment, enabling operations linked to maintenance, programming and peripheric accessories. The basic version features thermal protection, timeclock for programming and lighting projector command.

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