Facil'o pool lighting box

Facil'o pool lighting box
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Ref. Abatik 014970
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Facil'o E100T lighting box for 100w projector
Independent pool lighting boxes,
Easy to use,
Can command up to 2 300w projectors,
Easy connection,
Toroidal transformers
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Facil'o E100T lighting box for 100w projector
Ref. Abatik 014970 Ref. Provider 410 CA
EUR 199
199 €
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Facil'o E300T lighting box for 300w projector
Ref. Abatik 014973 Ref. Provider 410 CG
EUR 229
229 €
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Facil'o E600T lighting box for 600w projector
Ref. Abatik 014974 Ref. Provider 410 CJ
EUR 269
269 €
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Remote control for facil'o lighting box
Ref. Abatik 009911 Ref. Provider 580 CA
EUR 209
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The Facil'o enables the supply of power source required to run your pool projectors. This box is independent and is supplied ready for use.

Several models are available. You should select the model to correspond to the capacity of the projectors used in your pool.

Each box is supplied with an indicator light.

Your box can be equipped with a cut-off security feature after 3 hours of use (available on option).

To avoid the transformer overheating, the lighting box features air vents and a surcharge protection at the 12 volts transformer outlet by means of a 25A fuse.

Each lighting box is equipped with a 3 position switch : Manual/stop/remote control mode.
Facilo lighting box

ModelFacil'o E100TFacil'o E300TFacil'o E600T
Projector capcity1 x 100w1 x 300w1 x 600w

Remote control (on option)

For further user comfort, we advise the use of the Facil'o remote control, allowing the lighting command at a distance.

Using 16 canals, there is no risk of interference of other appliances in proximity.

The remote control has a carrying range of 15 meters on clear ground, meaning you no longer have to go to your technical shelter to control your pool lighting.
Facilo remote control

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