DHG-2 frost protection box

DHG-2 frost protection box
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DHG-2 frost protection kit version piccolo
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Frost protection by filtration pump automation,
Protects filtration pump, pipework and filter,
Easy installation and use.
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Ideal for active winterizing, the DHG-2 frost protection kit protects the filtration group of your pool aginst frost damage.

Totally automated, it starts automatically your pump when the programmed temperature is attained. Circulation of water limits the formation of frost in your pipework and therefore, your installation will be protected.

The anti-frost feature is the main feature of the DHG-2, however, during the summer season, the DHG-2 can be programmed for a pump start to avoid the development of micro-organisms and algae in your pool water.

The DHG-2 features an easy to use digital control panel on which you can define the desired start temperature.


This box is compatible with all installations.
DHG 2 frost protection box

The probe can be installed inside or outside the technical shelter on piping.

Technical characteristics

Hydraulic installations
All types
Power supply
Energy consumption
Adjustable, electronic
Temperature measuring source
Probe NTC (Negative temperature coefficient)
Temperature range
From -55°C to +99°C
Box dimensions
L125 x l125 x P105mm
Weight of box
Protection index


Anchor the box in your technical shelter.

Position the probe :
- Outside : Measures the temperature of ambient air. Ensure the probe is insulated from the outer wall which could create a source of heat.
- Inside : Measures the temperature of the technical shelter
- On pipework : Measures the temperature of the pool water

Installation DHG 2 frost protection box

Electrical box (1), DHG-2 frost protection kit (2), Power supply 230V/50Hz (3), Slave funtion of box commanding the filtration pump (4), Temperature probe (5).

The kit includes:

- 1 electrical box
- 1 NTC probe
- 1 fixation kit (screws and plugs)
- 1 installation guide with schema


The DHG-2 frost protection kit does not stop the formation of ice on water surface and skimmers - anticipate protection in the case of hard frost.


2 years

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