Thermoregul frost protection

Thermoregul frost protection box
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Thermoregul digital frost protection box
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Frost protection box with automatic start of filtration pump,
protecting the filtration pump, pipework, filter...
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This box is compatible with all existing installations.
It can be installed :
-Outside : Measures the temperature of ambient air. Ensure the probe is insulated from the outer wall which could create a source of heat.
-Inside : Measures the temperature of the technical shelter
-On pipework : Measures the temperature of the pool water

Easy electrical installation on 220 v and a liaison cable section (2 wires) to connect the box on manual start mode or in parallel to the timeclock contact to program your filtration.

Advantages :
This box is perfect for use with active winterizing and facilitates pool start up in springtime. Totally automated, without the need of supervision, the box will automatically start your filtration pump at the first sign of frost by water circulation, protecting your pump. The thermostat is digital, its commands will allow you to define the temperature of the automatic start temperature.


Ideal in the case of active winterization, the thermostat secures the pipework of your pool and the water surface during a hard frost as well as periods of very high temperatures. Using its regulating probe, you can :

When frost approaches (0°C) the regulator starts the filtrations pump and circulates water throughout the system, avoiding iced pipework and water surface (1).
Using a high alarm system the Thermoregul can equally be used in high season to action the filtration system avoiding the development of algae in the pool.

Power supply
230v / 50 Hz
Energy consumed
1,8 W
Protection index
Dry run cut off
Thermal probe
Length of probe cable
104 91mm
Liason cable to be fitted (not supplied)
2X1,5 mm²

Thermoregul box

1. Temperature regulation button
2. Descending key
3. Increment key
Thermoregul frost protection box


1. Connection to probe
2. Connection to electrical box of the pump
3. Connection to 220V power supply
Connection terminals Thermoregul frost protection box

*The start temperature must be adapted to the position of the probe.
Start temperature greater than 0°C (+1 or +2°C) if the probe is sheltered in comparison to the pool.
Start temperature lesser than 0°C (- 1 or -2°C) if the probe is very exposed and the pool is sheltered
(1)Warning : The Thermoregul frost protection kit does not stop the formation of ice on water surface and skimmers - anticipate protection in the case of hard frost.

Installation schema

Installation schema Thermoregul frost protection box
1. Electrical schema
2. Thermoregul kit
3. 220V / 50Hz power supply
4. Slave option of box commanding filtration pump
5. Temperature probe


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