KSB Filtra N

KSB FILTRA N filtration pump
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Ref. 008728
KSB N6D three phase pump
Very low noise level in operation,
Compatible with salt water treatments,
Pre-filter basket with large capacity
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KSB N6E single phase pump
Ref. 008729
EUR 511
511 €
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KSB N6D three phase pump
Ref. 008728
EUR 500
500 €
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KSB N8E single phase pump
Ref. 008727
EUR 560
560 €
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KSB N8D three phase pump
Ref. 008726
EUR 535
535 €
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KSB N12E single phase pump
Ref. 008725
EUR 521
521 €
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KSB N12D three phase pump
Ref. 008724
EUR 616
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KSB N14E single phase pump
Ref. 008723
EUR 536
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KSB N14D three phase pump
Ref. 008722
EUR 636
636 €
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KSB N18E single phase pump
Ref. 008721
EUR 555
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KSB N18D three phase pump
Ref. 008720
EUR 652
652 €
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KSB N22E single phase pump
Ref. 008719
EUR 777
777 €
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KSB N22D three phase pump
Ref. 008718
EUR 758
758 €
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KSB N24E single phase pump
Ref. 008717
EUR 888
888 €
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KSB N24D three phase pump
Ref. 008716
EUR 807
807 €
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KSB N30D three phase pump
Ref. 008715
EUR 929
929 €
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Range of pumps compatible with salt water treatment systems, very low noise level in operation,
The FILTRA N new generation of pumps are more performant and economic from an energy point of view, in comparison to the older generation of pumps.
Excellent performance in salt water (up to 7 gr/l maximum).

Easy to install

3 2" suction inlets to independently connect the main drain, skimmer and brush adaptor.
1 One pump body type for the whole range
2 Two ground anchoring points
Supplied with two valves for an installation with a collector
allowing orientation to 90°, 180° or 270° in the technical shelter depending on the chosen implantation

Easy to use

Self-blocking lid that opens effortlessly - also transparent, allowing instant verification of the basket filter.
Large discharge diameter, lessening working pressure on the pump

Easy to maintain

Large capacity basket composed of 3 sections, facilitating maintenance.
Interchangeable motor fixed by 4 bolts. No need to dismantle the pump.
2 purge valves for the winterizing period.
KSB Filtra N pump
Performance KSB Filtra N


Dimensions KSB Filtra N


3 years

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