Caliente MAX
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Ref. Abatik 017275
Ref. Provider FCP-1500S-T
Caliente MAX pool filtration pump 2 hp three-phase
Self-priming pumps, 2 or 3 hp,
High water flow, 26.5 to 33.5m³/h,
Very low noise level in operation
Compatible with salt treatment systems
  • Single-phase
  • Three-phase
Caliente MAX pool filtration pump 1,5 HP three-phase
Ref. Abatik 024281 Ref. Provider FCP-1100S-T
EUR 399
399 €
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Caliente MAX pool filtration pump 2 hp single- phase
Ref. Abatik 017274 Ref. Provider FCP-1500S-M
EUR 429
429 €
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Caliente MAX pool filtration pump 3 hp three-phase
Ref. Abatik 019378 Ref. Provider 2220233
EUR 465
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Caliente MAX pool filtration pump 2 hp three-phase
Ref. Abatik 017275 Ref. Provider FCP-1500S-T
EUR 429
429 €
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Caliente MAX pool filtration pump 1,5 HP single-phase
Ref. Abatik 024261 Ref. Provider FCP-1100S-M
EUR 425
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Caliente MAX pool filtration pump 3 hp single-phase
Ref. Abatik 017276 Ref. Provider FCP-2200S
EUR 439
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Swimming pool online has developed the CALIENTE range of filtration pumps in collaboration with the some of the leading manufacturers in the domain of swimming pools. The Caliente MAX filtration pumps have been specifically designed for larger pools, up to 200m³ in volume. Available in single-phase and three-phase, adaptable to all configurations.

The pumps Caliente are self-priming and compatible with all water treatments (salt, chlorine, bromine, UV, ozone etc.). Highly resistant, entirely constructed from glass fibre reinforced polypropylene.

The pumps CALIENTE MAX are complete with a large capacity pre-filter. The transparent lid allows a full view of the basket to assess the clogging level.

The raised base features 4 holes for floor anchoring.
In operation, their noise level is very low. The motor is positioned on a stainless steel shaft, AISI-420, ensuring a good resistance to corrosion and giving a longer lifespan.
The suction and discharge connections measure 2" (63mm) in diameter.
Large view Caliente MAX

Transparent lid Caliente max

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Transparant lid
Pre filter basket caliente max

Spacer20large capacity pre-filter basket
Threaded connector

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20 Union connector 2"

Technical features

Shared features in the Caliente MAX range of pumps

Type of pump
2 pole Asynchronous motor
Motor rotation speed
2850 rpm
IP protection index of motor
IP 55
Insulation classification
Motor shaft
stainless steel AISI-420
Union connector Ø2" (63mm)


ModelCaliente MAX 1,5HP single-phaseCaliente MAX 1,5HP single-phaseCaliente MAX 2HP single-phaseCaliente MAX 2HP three-phaseCaliente MAX 3HP single-phaseCaliente MAX 3HP three-phase
Capacity1,5HP / 1,1kW1,5HP / 1,1kW2HP / 1,5kW2HP / 1,5kW3HP / 2,2kW3HP / 2,2kW
Water flow26,5m³/h26,5m³/h29m³/h29m³/h33,5m³/h33,5m³/h
Net weight16,6kg16,6kg19kg19kg18.3kg18.3kg

Dimensions in mm

Dimensions pump Caliente


Output curve chart

Performance chart CALIENTE MAX filtration pump


2 years

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