HTH SHOCK chlorine shock powder

HTH Shock Chlorine powder treatment
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HTH SHOCK chlorine powder 2 x 5kg buckets
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Shock chlorine treatment, immediate action,
Clears green or troubled water,
Inorganic or stabilised action
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Inorganic powder solution for immediate action, gaining chlorine level in pool water.

- Clears green or troubled water in a minimum of time.
- Ideal when re-opening your pool
- Easy to use: One cap for 20 m3 of pool water to disperse in your skimmer or pool water
- Very powerful: 75 % of active chlorine
- No degassing required - Quickly dissolved in powder form
- Does not require a stabiliser: no risk of over-chlorination

Conditioned in 2x5kgs buckets

Product details :


Shock chlorination of pool water.

Characteristics :

Shock powder, instantly dissolved. Average level of available chlorine 75%. Insolvable production lesser than 4% (distilled water). The most concentrated hypochlorite based product available on the market. Totally exempt from isocyanuric acid (stabiliser). Does not require degassing in comparison to isocyanuric based products. Compatible with all filtration systems. Prolonged storage life in dry conditions at a temperature less than 40°C. Calcium hypochlorite (active ingredient hth Shock) is approved for use in public pools by the French Minister of Health.

Composition :

Contains hydrated calcium hypochlorite, non stabilised chlorine.

Instructions :

Shock chlorination
To clear green or troubled water when opening your pool, use 1 cap (300 g) per 20 m3 after adjusting the pH level between 7,0 and 7,4 and check the level of stabiliser in the pool water is lesser than 75 mg/l.
hth Shock can be applied directly to the pool water, by sprinkling on the water surface in proximity to the skimmer opening. The filtration system should be activated and should not contain stabilised chlorine (hth Grossetablette, hth T Granulat... Blue labels : Trichloroisocyanuric acid or sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate).
In the product tray of the pool dosing pump, dissolve 2 to 2,5 kg of hth Shock for 100 litres of water. Daily consumption can range between 0,5 and 1,0 kg for 100 m3 and heightens depending on the frequency of pool use, sun exposure and water movement (counter current units, slides etc.) and can be reduced by the addition of a stabiliser, particularly in open air pools.
The level of active chlorine should be constantly checked to be between 0,4 and 1,4 mg/l.
If pool water is stabilised, maintain active chlorine level at 2 mg/l and maintain stabalising levels at 75 mg/l, ideally between 25 and 50 mg/l.
Security :
Warning ! Do not mix stabilised chlorine in solid form (blue hth label(Trichloroisocyanuric acid or sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate) with unstabilised chlorine (Red hth label - calcium hypochlorite or lithium).
Warning! This product is hazardous for the environment and health; Read the security report, recommendations for use and precautions of use indicated on labels.

C - Corrosive
N – Dangerous to the environment
O - Combustive

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