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Heat Pump CALIENTE INVERPOOL TURBO 26 Kw R32 Single-Phase
EUR 2990.00
Recommended for pools of 100-120 m3
Reversible function: heats or cools your pool
Operational down to -20°C outside temperature
Controllable via WiFi through smartphone app
R32 Gas - COP 6.3
With winter cover and ground silent block
In stock

The Caliente Inverpool Turbo heat pumps allow you to heat your pool water in all seasons. They have all the regulatory functions to maintain the water at a programmed temperature.
With a reversible mode, they can cool down overly warm water to bring it back to the desired temperature (They are also used in aquaculture requiring a fixed water temperature).
Economical and quiet, they have Full Inverter technology, which varies the rotation speed of the compressor and the fan according to heating needs, saving you up to 30% on energy costs.
The Caliente Inverpool Turbo heat pumps are defrosting and efficient, operating even at an external temperature of -20 °C. They are saltwater compatible for pools equipped with an electrolysis system. Lastly, they have a control panel with WIFI for remote control via your smartphone.

Technical characteristics

Caliente Inverpool Turbo 26 kW
Maximum Pool Volume*
100-120 m3
Power Supply (V)
220/240V 50/60Hz
Current (A)
Recommended Fuse (A)
Twist-titanium tube
Water flow (m³/H)
Pressure drop (kPa)
Number of fans
Noise level at 1 m** (dB(A))
Plumbing diameter (mm)
Winter cover
Dimensions (mm)
1070 x 420 x 855
Net Weight (Kg)
Gross Weight (Kg)


Performance: Air at 28°C / Water at 28°C / Humidity 80%
Caliente Inverpool Turbo 26 kW
Turbo heating capacity (kW)
Smart heating capacity (kW)
Energy consumption (kW)
4.12 - 0.29
16 - 6.3
C.O.P. in Turbo mode
C.O.P. at 50% capacity

Performance: Air at 15°C / Water at 26°C / Humidity 70%
Caliente Inverpool Turbo 26 kW
Turbo heating capacity (kW)
Smart heating capacity (kW)
Energy consumption (kW)
3.91 - 0.49
8 - 5.2
C.O.P. in Turbo mode
C.O.P. at 50% capacity

Estimated average values from 15/05 to 15/09 for a private pool equipped with a thermal cover outside of swimming periods, water T° at 27 °C, filtration 15 h per day (24H/24H for temperature rise). Pool located in south of france, altitude 10m. Non-exhaustive criteria, a thermal assessment is essential to determine the suitable model.
** In Boost/Quiet mode.

New Turbo Feature

Thanks to a new "turbo" function that allows the compressor to run faster (+20%) than the previous generation, the CALIENTE INVERPOOL Turbo heat pump allows you to increase its temperature rise capacity.

  • Reversible: Heats or cools your pool water
  • Operational down to -20°C outside temperature
  • Three operating modes (Silent, Smart, and Powerful)
  • Remote control via Wifi on your smartphone
  • Coefficient of Performance (COP) up to 6.3
  • Low power consumption
  • Very quiet
  • Turbo function
  • R32 Gas for performance and environment
  • Integrated Wifi 3G/4G control
  • Automatic temperature management (heating/cooling)
  • Included: winter cover and silent blocks

The Full Inverter technology automatically regulates and varies the rotation speed of the heat pump's compressor and fan based on heating needs, to maintain the water at the desired temperature.

Benefits of the Caliente Inverpool Turbo

  • The operation of the heat pump becomes very quiet without successive starts and stops
  • Your installation lasts longer with less wear
  • You achieve up to -30% energy savings compared to a traditional heat pump

More efficient and eco-friendly R-32 gas

Replacing R410A gas with the R32 refrigerant reduces greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 66%.

Thanks to its better thermal capacity, it allows a reduction in the amount of refrigerant in the system and improves energy performance by up to 10%.

Moreover, the R32 refrigerant is completely pure (not mixed), making it easier to recycle.

Choosing R32 perfectly aligns with the ongoing goal to limit the environmental impact of our heat pumps.

Three Operating Modes

Silent mode

Low-speed compressor operation:
  • Ideal for maintaining temperature
  • Low noise and electricity consumption

Note: Automatic switch to Smart mode if the difference between the set temperature and the water temperature is more than 4°C.
Smart mode

Medium-speed compressor operation:
  • For everyday use
  • Reduced noise and consumption

Note: Automatic switch to Powerful mode if the difference between the set temperature and the water temperature is more than 4°C.
Powerful mode

Intensive compressor operation:
  • Ideal for the start of the season or to compensate for low ambient temperatures
  • Maximum heating power

Intelligent Temperature Management

The controller displays the water temperature, allows you to set the desired mode and operating hours. Easy to use, LED digital screen.

In addition to the 3 operating speeds, the control panel offers 3 types of operation:

Auto mode: You set your pool temperature, and your heat pump does the rest. With the Auto mode program, the heat pump automatically switches between heating and cooling modes, depending on weather conditions, to perfectly maintain the desired water temperature.
You can also schedule a delayed start or stop of the heat pump according to your needs (absence, energy rates...).

For better accessibility, a 10m cable allows the control panel to be relocated.

Control with touch button

Integrated 3G/4G Wifi control with smartphone app

The Caliente Inverpool Turbo heat pumps are equipped with remote 3G/4G wifi control via a free smartphone app.

This application allows you to remotely start and stop your heat pump, adjust the water temperature, change the operating mode, modify the clock and settings, and be alerted in case of malfunction.

How to download it?



It is free and available on Google Play and the App Store.

For Apple devices: it requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

For devices using the Android operating system (like Samsung), version 6.10 or higher is required.

Maximum noise levels of the Caliente Inverpool Turbo range

Thermal and sound insulation

The heat pump's exchanger and compressor are protected by an isothermal foam envelope, providing thermal and sound insulation.

Titanium Exchanger

The heat exchanger allows the transfer of heat produced by the heat pump to the pool water. It is compatible with all water treatments, including salt electrolysis.


The wide evaporator of the pump captures the heat present in the ambient air, allowing the refrigerant to be heated by the recovered calories. The larger the exchange surface, the more optimized the heat pump's performance.

Automatic defrost system

Depending on the hygrometry (humidity level in the ambient air) and the outside temperature, the heat pump's evaporator can frost over, hindering its proper functioning.

To avoid any malfunction, the Caliente Inverpool Turbo heat pumps are equipped with an automatic defrost system through gas inversion.
At regular intervals, some of the hot gases produced by the compressor are re-injected into the evaporator to remove frost.

Thanks to automatic defrosting, the heat pumps operate from -20 °C.

Choosing the installation location

Install the heat pump outside
The location should allow good air circulation, without obstacles
The heat pump should rest on a flat and stable surface; a concrete slab is ideal
After installation, the equipment should occupy a vertical position without any inclination
The equipment should not be installed in the presence of pollutants, corrosive gases, dust, or dead leaves]

1. Caliente Inverpool Turbo Heat Pump
2. Pool pump
3. Pool filter
4. Suction
5. Outlet
6. Condensate drainage
7. Hot air intake
8. Cold air outlet
9. Electrical supply


7 years on the Compressor and the Exchanger, 2 years on the rest.

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