HARVIA Club stove

HARVIA Club sauna stove
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Ref. Abatik 007066
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Harvia Club K11G sauna stove, 11 kW , three-phase, 9m³ to 16m³ in volume
Discover the HARVIA Club electric sauna stove for saunas between 9m³ and 24m³ in volume,
Stainless steel structure,
Separate control unit available on option
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Harvia Club K11G sauna stove, 11 kW , three-phase, 9m³ to 16m³ in volume
Ref. Abatik 007066 Ref. Provider HRKG110400
EUR 1317
1317 €
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HARVIA CLUB K13,5G electric sauna stove
Ref. Abatik 014343 Ref. Provider HRKG135400
EUR 1162
1162 €
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Harvia Club K15G electric sauna stove 15 kW , Three-phase, 14m³ to 24m³
Ref. Abatik 007067 Ref. Provider HRKG150400
EUR 2099
2099 €
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Classic C150 control unit
Ref. Abatik 001767 Ref. Provider C150
EUR 390
390 €
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Sauna stones calibrated to 10cm 20 Kg box
Ref. Abatik 008309 Ref. Provider AC3000
EUR 49
49 €
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HARVIA GRIFFIN CG170C control unit
Ref. Abatik 014308 Ref. Provider CG170C
EUR 753
753 €
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Harvia Club stove in detail

The Harvia Club is an electric stove designed for intensive use in large format saunas up to 24m³.
The structure is totally constructed using stainless steel and should be installed on floor level.
Each model requires 60kg of volcanic stones for operation (available on option).


This sauna is totally adapted for use in :
- Gyms
- Well-being centers
- Hotels
- Holiday complexes


There are three available models:
- K11G with a capacity of 11kw
- K13,5G with a capacity of 13,5kw
- K15G with a capacity of 15kw

Control panel

The Club stove is managed using the Harvia Classic distance control unit for Sauna or Harvia Griffin distance control unit, available on option.
HARVIA Club sauna stove

These units allow you to :
- Sauna preheat (up to 12h in advance)
- Programs the duration of sauna (1 to 12h)
- Temperature control (from +40 to +110°C)
- Manage sauna lighting and ventilation


Minimum sauna volume9m³11m³14m³
Maximum sauna volume16m³20m³24m³
Maximum capacity stone compartment60kg60kg60kg
Control unitDistance control optionalDistance control optionalDistance control optional


This stove must be installed on floor level.

Security distances

Security distance A in relation to wall section70mm100mm100mm
Security distance B in relation to lower bench50mm50mm50mm
Security distance C in relation to upper bench70mm100mm100mm
Security distance D in relation to ceiling1200mm1400mm1400mm
Spacer20Profile view (1), frontal view (2)

Distances HARVIA Club sauna stove

Electrical connections

The Club stove requires a three-phase power supply.

Supply voltage400V 3N400V 3 N400V 3 N
Cable sections for control module5 x 2,5mm²5 x 4mm²5 x 6mm²
Cable sections for connection box5 x 2,5mm²5 x 4mm²5 x 6mm²
Cable sections for stove connection5 x 2,5mm²5 x 2,5mm²5 x 2,5mm²
Cable sections for sensor connection4 x 0,25mm²4 x 0,25mm²4 x 0,25mm²
Fuses3 x 16A3 x 20A3 x 25A

The kit includes :

- 1 Harvia Club stove
- 1 sensor to control and adjust sauna temperature

Available on option

- Classic C150 or Griffin CG170 control module.
- Sauna stones calibrated up to 10 cm, box of 20 Kg (X3)
Coals HARVIA Delta electric sauna stove


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