Astral Micro RX liquid injection

Astral Micro RX chlorine dosing pump
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Astral Micro RX Redox dosing pump
EUR 269.00
Automated regulation of your chlorine level by dosing pump.
For pools up to 100m³
Digital display for redox level
Fast and easy installation.
Calibration of the probe semi-automatic, probe quality controlled
In stock
Delivered complete with connection kit, including saddle clamps. Easy to install on the vast majority of filtration systems. The electrical connection requires a power supply conform to norm C-15-100 (with 30 mA protection).

Description of control panel :
- Digital display
- 2 buttons for adjustment and calibration or to pause the pump
- Luminous LED signals to indicate chlorine level

Box :
- Polypropylene bodywork reinforced 30% of glass fibres.
- Polycarbonate panel
- IP 55 index of protection
- Pre-equipped with moulded wall-mounting

Operation :
- Proportional peristaltic pump with integrated measure
- REDOX adjustment range : 0…+800 mV
- Automatic probe control
- Audio warning signal
Astral Micro RX chlorine dosing pump

ComponentMaterialQuantity – m
Injection valvePP1
Injection tubePE2m
Suction tubeCrystal PVC2m
Suction sievePP1
Redox probe with BNCEpoxy3m
Probe supportPP1

Technical information
1,613,5 watts40Santoprene 4 x 6 mm


Pump diameter (in mm)
115 x 183 x 109
2 Kg
2 years (except wear and tear parts)

The MICRO RX dosing pump includes :
Astral Micro RX chlorine dosing pump kit
1/ Complete kit including electronic regulation with dosing pump
2/ Saddle clamps
3/ Anti-return injection valve and probe support
4/ Product suction filter
5/ Mural anchorage
6 - 7/ Product suction and discharge tubes
8/ Buffering solution
9/ Redox probe


Installation Astral Micro RX chlorine dosing pump
1. Pump suction
2. Probe
3. Pump discharge


2 years excepting wear and tear parts

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