Zodiac Perfect pH dosing pump

Zodiac Perfect pH dosing pump
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Zodiac pH Perfect regulating dosing pump
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Adapted to all automatic or manual treatments,
Permanent visualisation of pool pH,
Exclusive mounting system of suction lance.
Whatever your choice of water treatment is, automatic or manual, Perfect pH is the essential partner for your comfort, offering soft, limpid water that does not sting your eyes. Perfect pH integrates proportinal dosing, and in real time regulates the pH content of your pool water

Proportional dosing of pH

- The Perfect pH probe connected to the filtration circuit, permenantly measures the pH level present,
- The microprocessor quantifies the correction liquid needed in the pool,
- Depending on these figures, a dosing pump will inject the required product into the pool.
The dosing time is calculated on the difference between the pH present in the pool and the pH range which is ideal. The water balance of the pool is therefore maintained at the desired level without any manual intervention.


Optimises the efficiency of your water treatment (salt, chlorine ...)
Prolonges the lifespan of your salt electrolyser and reduces the frequency of maintenance interventions and the replacement of elecrodes.

Easy to use

- The pH probe is calibrated in less than 5 mins,
- Controls the efficiency of the probe by means of a simple gesture using the buffering solution,
- You can set the activation and overdosing security features as you wish,
- Operates with pH + and pH -.
Zodiac Perfect pH dosing pump

Technical features

Power supply
50 hZ 220-240 V AC
9 W
Primary security
500mA T
Maximum flow of the perstaltic pump
1.5 l/h
Paddle clamp
On pipe, DN 50 and DN 63
pH control range
0 to 14 pH
Precision of measurement
0,1 pH
Type of probe
Combined, one junction, Lcl, polymer gel, epoxy body 12 mm in diameter
Calibration of probe semi-automatic
using buffering solution (1 or 2 steps)
pH probe tolerance
6 bars : 60 °
Protection index
235 x 200 x 85 mm
Total weight
1,7 kg


2 years

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