OVY pH regulating dosing pump

Ovy pH regulating dosing pump
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OVY pH dosing pump
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pH dosing pump with suction cane
pH + or - liquid injection
Digital display
Automatic dry run stop
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The quality of your pool water is conditioned by two important factors, its pH and disinfectant treatment.
The pH indicates if your pool water is acid (pH 0 to 6,9) or basic (pH 7,1 to 14), pH 7 is the neutral valour.
For optimal swimming comfort, a pH close to the human body is ideal, being 7,3.
The pH of your pool water should not perturb the efficiency of other treatment products. Most products require a pH between 7.2 and 7.6 for optimal efficiency.
Manually stabilising your pool pH is a constraint, as pH continually varies depending on water quality, (ca++ or its absence), weather, swimming frequency, disinfecting treatment...
By means of automated pH injection, OVY pH lets you decide the ideal pH level for your pool. A probe situated on the filtration circuit measures the water pH. If the probe does not read the programmed pH level, the injector activates and sends corrector to the filtration circuit to reach the correct level. The injection pump is peristaltic and has a very low noise level in operation.

Delivered with complete connection kit using 50 mm diameter clamp saddles, installation fast and easy on the vast majority of filtration circuits, the electrical connection is made conform to the norm C-15-100 (with 30 mA protection).


Automatic pH regulation by OVY pH dosing pump
- Controls and adjusts the pH level of your pool water
- Optimises the use of treatment products in your pool (chlorine, bromine, ...)
- Completes the use of an electrolyser or other automated treatment systems.
Complete kit, easy installation :
Dosing pump kit featuring suction cane and dry run stop. 2m crystal PVC suction tube, 6,5m polyethylene discharge tube, pH probe, an injection valve and reducer, 2 saddle clamps, a suction sieve, a calibrate solution kit, a probe support, wall mounting kit, plugs and screws
2008 version with simplified calibrating on the control panel.

Technical details

Dimensions234x162x108 mmmaximum pressure1,5 bar
Weight1 kgWorking mode pumppause-on
Power supply220V 50HzScale of measurement pH6,2 - 8
Pump flow1,5l/hregulationautomatic

Ovy pH kit


Ovy pH installation
1. Pump
2. Filter
3. Electric box and pump
4. pH probe
5. Other units ( ex: heating)
6. Product resevoir
7. Power supply 230Vac
8. Discharge
9. Suction


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