HC 100 pH regulating dosing pump

HC 100 pH regulating dosing pump
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HC 100 pH regulating dosing pump
EUR 509.00
Pump to automatically regulate the pH level of pool water,
Liquid injection of pH- or + correction liquid
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pH regulation from Isipool

The Isipool regulation pump permanently measures the pH level present in your pool water.

Using a new mounting system that integrates a probe support and injection valve with one clamp paddle, installation is simplified.

You can choose to mount the Isipool dosing pump on your technical shelter wall, using supplied plugs and screws or directly on the injector/ probe support using the integrated fixation points.
The pH probe (n°1) measures the pH level and is installed before the installation.
Once the pH level is out of the programmed range, (pre-set at 7,4), the dosing pump is activated and sends by injection pH correcting liquid (n°2, n°3) in proportional doses. Easy to use, the pH is permanently displayed, even when filtration is not in operation.

An alarm is activated when the pH range is lesser than 6 or greater than 8. Tubular rotation ensures a very low noise level in operation.

Delivered with connection kit.
Sensor HC 100 pH regulating dosing pump

Compatible with 50mm pipework.

Technical features

Type of pump
pH regulator
on a scale between 0 to 9,9+
proportional automatic
0,93ml/h to 1400 ml/h
Probe input
BNC patch
Measurement resolution

Included material

pH dosing pump/regulator, product suction and discharge tubes, 2 bottles of buffering solution, mounting kit, pH probe, probe support, 2 DN50 paddle clamps, anti-return injection valve, product suction sieve.

HC 100 pH regulating dosing pump kit
Contents of kit
1 - HC 100 dosing pump
2 - Probe support shutter for use during calibration
3 - pH probe
4 - Mounting support
5 - Mounting accessories
6 - Anti-return injection valve
7 - Suction and discharge tube
8 - Buffering solution
9 - pH probe support
10 - DN 50 paddle clamp
11 - DN 50 paddle clamp
12 - Product suction sieve

Operational schema HC 100 pH regulating dosing pump
Operational schema
a - Product suction
b - Product discharge
c - BNC input
d - Feeding via filtration (aux. 230 VAC)
e - Pool
f - Suction sieve
g - Product injection valve
h - Paddle clamp
i - Measuring probe
j - Probe support
k - Paddle clamp
m - Electrical box
n - Filtration pump
o - Filter


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