ORPHEO automatic regulation pH/redOx

ORPHEO automatic regulation pH/redOx
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ORPHEO automatic regulation pH/redOx
Automatically analyses pH and chlorine in your pool,
100 % automated
Maximum volume of pool 160m3
Analysing and injection chamber available on option
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ORPHEO automatic regulation pH/redOx
Ref. Abatik 018693 Ref. Provider PF10J011
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Zelia pod measure and injection chamber
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ORPHEO is an automated pH and chlorine analyse and regulation system ensuring the quality of your pool water.
The hygiene and quality of your pool water is dependent on an adapted water treatment system. Two related factors influence your water quality:

pH regulation

ORPHEO ensures the regulation of pH in your pool. The power of hydrogen is an essential element when treating your water, strongly influencing the efficiency of disinfectant. The pH measures the degree of acidity present in water, measured on a scale from 0 - 14. 7 on the scale is neutral.
If lesser than 7 the solution is acidic, if greater than 7 the solution is considered alkaline.
In order to ensure user comfort, the efficiency of your water treatment system and the dependability of the installation, the pH of the pool should be maintained around 7. You can consider a level between 6,8 and 7,8 is correct.
Acidic water (pH <6,8) is aggressive towards mucous membranes, favorises metallic corrosion and can cause damage to plastic elements in your pool (liners).
Water which is too alkaline (pH>7,8) can also be aggressive (caustic) diminishing the efficiency of chlorine.

RedOx regulation(ORP)

Pool water not only needs to be clean and hygienic, but also be capable of destroying bacterias and micro-organisms carried into pool water from the surrounding environment. Pool water not only requires to be disinfected, it must also become disinfectant. This is why it is indispensable to use persistent treatment products such as liquid chlorine.
ORPHEO measures the RedOx potential and injects the required amount of liquid chlorine into your pool water till the RedOx (ORP) level reaches the required stage.
All disinfectants used in pool water oxidise microorganisms by capturing electrons on organic based molecules to stop the proliferation of bacteria.
This chemical reaction is called the oxidation-reduction potential. This reading can be used to evaluate the disinfecting capacity of water (abbreviated to RedOx).

ORPHEO automatic regulation pH/redOx equippment

ORPHEO is a ready to use monobloc that contains two regulation systems, including the probes and injectors needed for each one.
ORPHEO automatic regulation pH/redOx functions

Central lid on axe, ensuring easy access to regulating elements.
Backlit digital screen used to regulate all functions. Intuitive and easy to use.
Liquid chlorine pump, injecting the required quantity needed to disinfect your pool water.
Wall fixation brackets ensuring more space for regulation operation.
Start/stop button.
pH dosing pump maintains optimal pH level.

Intelligent and precise analyse

ORPHEO automatic regulation pH/redOx
ORPHEO peristaltic pumps are adapted to residential pools, ensuring the injection of liquid products into the pool water.
- Each peristaltic pumps have a maximum flow of 1,5l/h at 1,5 bars.

To ensure a balanced regulation injection should be proportional : The dosing speed should be in proportion to the desired pH or chlorine level.
The flow of injection can vary between 0 l/h and 1,5 l/h.

To optimise the lifespan of probes, the (pH and redox) measures are alternated, notably to guarantee a permanent galvanic isolator between the two probes.
Under normal working conditions, the probes alternate every 62 seconds, to optimise actual data and optimise corrector injection.

The user can program ORPHEO to - pH or +pH.

Zelia pod, measure and injection chamber (available from January 2017)

The Zelia pod has been specifically designed to bring together all of the functions of the Orpheo.

The analysing chamber carries the probes and ensures they are permanently kept in water, prolonging their lifespan. A probe contained in an analysing chamber has a lifespan twice as long as an installation on a classic paddle clamp.
To limit drilling as much as possible, the Zelia pod contains 2 supports required to inject correcting liquid (pH and chlorine) into your pool water.

The Zelia pod is earthed to avoid stray currents provoking premature oxidisation of metallic elements in the pool.

The Zelia pod features a flow detector allowing the product to be injected only when the filtration pump is in operation.
Zelia pod ORPHEO automatic regulation pH/redOx
Detail Zelia pod

pH and liquid chlorine injection.
pH and redox probe and electrode support.
Water flow.

Installation schemas

ORPHEO pH/redOx installation schema
Installation schema ORPHEO automatic regulation pH/redOx

1. ORPHEO pH/redOx automatic regulation panel
2. redOx (ORP) dosing pump
3. pH dosing pump
4. Liquid chlorine injection
5. pH injection
6. Zelia pod (on option) measuring and analysing chamber
7. Pool filtration pump
8. Pool filter
9. Decharge towards pool
10. Pool

ORPHEO technical charateristics

Dimensions of casing
260 x 180 x 80 mm
3,5 kg
Power supply
230V AC - 50 Hz
Backlit LED
Dosing pumps IP65
pH regulation
100 - 990 mv
Maximum pump flow
1,5l/h, 1,5 bars
redOx (ORP) measue range
3,7 - 9,9
Paddle clamps
4 x 50mm

ZELIA POD technical characteristics

Dimensions of Zelia pod measuring chamber
185 x 65 mm
Diameter of Zelia pod measuring chamber
50 mm


2 years (excepting probes)

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