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OVY Prizma automatic pH and chlorine regulation

OVY Prizma automatic pH and chlorine regulation
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PRIZMA pH and chlorine regulation and photocolorimetric analysis
Automatic chlorine and pH regulation
Analysis by colorimetry,
Fast and easy installation, no calibration,
Compatible for pools and spas
2 pack PRIZMA cassette
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Setting panel for PRIZMA pH and chlorine regulation by photocolorimetric analysis
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PRIZMA pH and chlorine regulation and photocolorimetric analysis
Ref. Abatik 012202 Ref. Provider 441 002 001
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PRIZMA cassette
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The OVY Prizma automatic pH and chlorine regulation

It automatically regulates and balances chlorine and pH levels in your pool water automatically using one unit.

Photocolorimetric analysis is used for greater precision and requires no tiresome calibrating maintenance operations.

Regulation is very simple by means of the analysis cassette used with this unit.
OVY Prizma automatic pH and chlorine regulation open view

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Dive into the Prizma era

For greater swimming comfort and easy maintenance, pool water must be well balanced and disinfected. Balanced water depends on a pH which is close to that of the human body. A balanced pH also allows water treatment product efficiency. pH is a difficult factor when stabilising as it changes with weather conditions and swimming frequency. Pool disinfection should be carried out by products which kill bacteria, fungus, algae and viruses.

Chlorine replies to all these criteria but is often badly dosed or combined with a poor pH level, leading to skin and eye irritations.
pH and chlorine analysis are often imprecise when using standard kits that are available on the market and so, dosing and adjustment of water treatment products becomes difficult.
Automated injection of pH and chlorine often require tedious calibration. This is why Prizma automatic regulation of pH and chlorine is a revolution in the domain of pools and spas, using photocolorimetry for a precise dosing of chlorine and pH that requires no calibration.

Advantages of the Prizma system

Swimming quality: No more eye or skin irritations because of excess chlorine, no more chemical odours. Limpid water with ultimate swimming comfort.

Easy installation and maintenance : Prizma is easy to use and install and does not require any particular maintenance.

For the environoment : Prizma offers energy savings and reduces chemical consumption of up to 30% compared to a traditional system.

Operational schema

Installation schema OVY Prizma automatic pH and chlorine regulation

1. Suction of poolwater sample
2. Reinjection of of poolwater sample
3. pH dosing pump
4. Automated disinfection by dosing pump or dosing station
5. pH injection
6. Disinfectant injection

• A sample of pool water is automatically injected on a test tape contained in the cassette.
• The optical lens of the unit analysis and tests precisely the levels of chlorine and pH in the pool (photocolorimetry).
• The results of the analysis are displayed on the panel.
• The internal microprocessor of the unit is determined if the chlorine and/or pH correction injection are needed.
• Dosing pumps inject precise doses of liquid chlorine and pH correction liquid (pH (+ or -).
OVY Prizma automatic pH and chlorine regulation control panel

Cartridge OVY Prizma automatic pH and chlorine regulation

Installation and maintenance

Prizma is delivered with a wall mounting system and all accessories required for connection to 50mm pipework.

Prizma does not require calibrating as the unit does not modify its working range. It's disposable test tape allows 350 tests, being 1 season of continuous operation.

The unit is factory set and integrates a pH range of 7,2, for 2ppm of chlorine. In the case of public pools the programming panel (available on option) will be needed for specific programing.

Technical features

Mesure system
Based on clour spectrum of test tape
Measuring range
pH : 6 - 9.1 / Chlorine : 0.2 – 6.3ppm
Precise measure
+/- 5%
Automatically after each measure is taken
Test sample
10cc per test
Admissible pressure
1 Bar maximum
Number of tests per cassette
350 (Cl + pH)
Power supply
110-120/210-240VAC - 60/50 Hz
Power consumption
15 VA max
470mm x 330mm x 130mm
3.60kg without dosing pump 4.5kg with dosing pump
Norm EU
EN 61326-1 EN 61010-1:01

OVY Prizma automatic pH and chlorine regulation

Above, Prizma lens : which reads the test tape, LED's and water injector.


2 years on electrionic card
2 years on the rest of the parts

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