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Dinotec Easydos automatic regulating dosing pump

Dinotec Easydos automatic regulating dosing pump
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Easydos poolcare doing pump
EUR 1404.00
Complete dosing system for multi-products
Digital screen with backlit screen,
Unit pre-calibrated, no adjustment required,
Complete kit for fast and easy installation
In stock
The Dinotec Easydos automatic regulating dosing pump allows automatic injection of all disinfectant liquids (active oxygen, chlorine and others).
Possible applications :
1 - Flocculant dosing
2 - Active oxygen or chlorine dosing
3 - pH + or - dosing (liquid)
Economic and compact dosing, commanded by an integrated microprocessor for better precision, avoiding overdosing.
An alphanumeric display on back lit screen.
High-performance, low-dosage pump using a stepper motor (very low wear and tear), ensuring optimal adaption to flow depending on requirements at any specific time. This reduces operational costs and waste.
Minimum flow 10 millilitres/hour, maximum flow 3 litres/hour.
Dosing is operational up to a maximum counter pressure of 1,5 bars.
The system features leak detection, warning alarm and dry run security cut off.

The Dinotec Easydos automatic regulating system with dosing pump is quality controlled, ready to connect and pre-mounted for mural installation.
The system is delivered with a connection kit including suction and injection tubes, injector and paddle clamps.
Ideal for private pools and spas.
Control panel Dinotec Easydos automatic regulating dosing pump

Technical features

Power supply
230 V +6 %/-10 %, 50/60 Hz
Protection index
IP 54
63 mA
Dimensions of wall mounting plate
250x300 x8 mm (L x w x D)
Total weight
2,49 kg
Admissible temperature
From 0 to 50 °C
Admissible stocking temperature
From -20 to + 65 °C
Admissible ambient air humidity expressed in %
90% maximum at 40° °C (no condensation)
Dosing pump
High capacity peristaltic dosing pump, stepper motor with leak dectection.
Pump tube
6/4 mm, complete with connections
Maximum flow
3,0 l/h (adjustable from 10 to 100%), with a maximum counter pressure of 1.5 bars
Temporisation required when connected
15 minutes
by touchpad
LCD backlit digital screen, 2 x 16 characters
German, english, french, spanishl


Installation schema Dinotec Easydos automatic regulating dosing pump
1. Filtration pump
2. Filter
3. Electrical box
4. Dinotec Easydos automatic regulation
5. Heating (on option)
6. Liquid disinfectant
7. Dosing pump supply
8. Pool discharge
9. Pool suction


2 years excepting wear and tear parts

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