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DINOTEC pH-Control "S" automatic regulation system

DINOTEC pH-Control
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DINOTEC pH-Control regulation unit
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Measures and regulates your pool water precisely (0,1 pH),
Digital display, analysing chamber
  • Maximum pool volume 150 m3
Precise pH regulation lets you obtain efficient water treatment. Protecting pool technical equipment against corrosion and offering better water quality and swimming comfort.

pH-Control "S" automatic regulation is controlled by a microprocessor with integrated dosing system and pH correction (lower/higher).
Digital display with settings menus :
Automatic temporisation of start, 0 to 15 min,
Dosing time check, range adjustment,
Higher or lower pH ,
Program display and language selection....

Integrated self-priming peristaltic dosing pumps with proportional regulation for a maximum flow of 3,0 l/h at 1,5 bars.

The water pH level is measured using a probe placed in an analysing chamber through which circulates a low flow of pool water. This precise and stable measuring technic avoids overdosing of pH correcting liquid (resolution 0,1 pH)
This pumps integrated dosing technique is compact and economical. Featuring a stepper motor that enjoys a long lifespan with little wear and tear, this dosing pump adapts to an optimal dosing between 0,3 and 3 l/h, depending on the pool water requirements, reducing waste and running costs. The dosing pump is compatible with a maximum back-pressure of 1.5 bars.

The unit is pre-mounted and factory set, ready to use.
Supplied with connection kit:
- Tube with suction sieve for pH correction liquid
- Tube with injector
- 3 50mm diameter paddle clamp
- 2 valves and 1 filter supplied with 2 tube lengths for analysing chamber circuit.
- 1 pH measuring probe is supplied with 2 bottles of calibration solution.

Details of pH-Control "S" featured elements

Details DINOTEC pH Control
1. Lid
2. Matrix display screen 2 x 16 characters
3. Lid
4. Pump housing
5. Flexible tube
6. Touchpad – Lowel level by 1
7. Selection program up
8. Memorise / confirm selection
or memorise range setting
9. Selection program down
10. Touchpad + heightens level by 1

Installation schema pH-Control "S"

Installation DINOTEC pH Control
1. Filtration pump
2. Filter
3. Electrical box
4. Analysing chamber with pH probe
5. Heating (on option)
6. Dinodos TOP dosing pump
7. pH correction liquid (pH+ or pH-)
8. Dosing pump power supply
9. Discharge pool
10. Pool suction

Power supply :
230 V +6 %/-10 %, 50/60 Hz
Protection index
IP 54
63 mA
Dimensions of unit (H x w x D)
160x240x110 mm
Dimensions of mounting plate (H x w x D)
330x420x8 mm
Weight of unit
3,55 kg
Admissible working temperature
De 0 à 50 °C
Admissible storage temperature
De -20 à + 65 °C
Admissible ambient humidity %
90% maxi at 40 °C (no condensation)
pH probe temperature
From -5 °C to + 40 °C
Dosing pump
High capacity, peristaltic
Maximum flow
3,0 l/h (adjustable 10 - 100%)
Temporised start
Can be programmed from 0 to 15 minutes
Alphanumeric , 2 x 16 characters, backlit
pH measure
Probe with analysing chamber
Measuring range
pH 0 to pH 14
0,1 pH
Manual with calibration solution between pH 7,0 and pH 4,0
Dry run, low product level, leak
Hydraulic liason kit
pH suction and injection via paddle clamp
Analysing chamber
Hydraulic supply with filters on paddle clamp valves.


2 years except wear and tear parts

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