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CLASSIC pool equipment pack

CLASSIC pool equipment pack
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Ref. Abatik 007153
Built inground pool kit CLASSIC 10
Kit includes sealing parts, plumbing elements, filtration, ladder and electrical box... Ideal to equip a built pool construction.
Side filter with Belstar pump, Sr Light electrical box, wide skimmer, 300 W projector, 3 step ladder
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Built inground pool kit CLASSIC 10
Ref. Abatik 007153
EUR 2265
2265 €
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Built inground pool kit CLASSIC 13
Ref. Abatik 007152 Ref. Provider 08/230402
EUR 2365
2365 €
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Built inground pool kit CLASSIC 23
Ref. Abatik 001960 Ref. Provider PROF 08/203470
EUR 3400
3400 €
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Complete kit including sealing parts, underground plumbing elements (technical shelter no further than 5m), technical shelter plumbing elements, filtration pump, sand filter and electrical box. Quality components designed for compatibility with all pool finishes, such as paint, ceramic, reinforced PVC, liner...

- kit CLASSIC 10 for a maximum pool volume of 40 m3 maximum
- kit CLASSIC 13 for a maximum pool volume of 55 m3 maximum
- kit CLASSIC 23 for a maximum pool volume of 90 m3 maximum

Composition of kitCLASSIC 10CLASSIC 13CLASSIC 23
Skimmer AQUAREVA SL 119112
Main drain AQUAREVA BL 211111
Discharge nozzles AQUAREVA RL 315223
Brush adaptor AQUAREVA RL 323111
Wall crossing334
300W AQUAREVA PL 84 projector112
Connection box112
Sand filterNAJA Side NS-500NAJA Side NS-610PYTHON S 760 with 2'' valve
25 kg sand/gravel3410
Filtration pumpBELSTAR 75 MBELSTAR 100 MBELSTAR 250 M
Electrical boxSR light SRF 315SR light SRF 315SR light SRF 630
Stainless steel ladder, 3 steps111

Plumbing system shared with all our kits, diametre 50mm, 50mm, rigid PVC, 16 pressure bars
1 collector pump2 caps for collector15 90° elbow connection5 45° elbow connections
2 sleeves3 threaded connectors 2"/to be stuck5 threaded unions connections 1"1/2x50mm1 threaded union connection 2"x63mm
2 T connections4 1/4 turn valves1 pot of PVC glue 250cc1 pot of Pool-Tite glue 250cc
10 rolls of Teflon 12m1 63x50 reduction connection3 25lm crowns of flexible PVC8lm rigid PVC

Complete maintenance pack supplied with all our kits
Cleaning net for pool surface
Cleaning net for pool floor
Wall brush
Waterline brush
Brush head with counterweight
Telescopic handle 2,40m x 4,80m
Analysing pouch chlorine/pH
Floating thermometer
Floating pipe

Description of CLASSIC pool kit

Sealing parts Classic equipment kit
Sealing parts
Electrical box Classic
SR Light electrical box
Made from white ABS, wide skimmer, discharge nozzles with adjustable ball joints and 250mm wall crossing.

Plumbing elements for LUXE equipped pool kit
The plumbing pack includes all you need to complete underground plumbing, the down pipes of the sealing parts and the technical shelter plumbing.
There is specific PVC glue for the rigid PVC and also for the flexible PVC.

The plumbing elements supplied allows an installation of a technical shelter within a parameter of 5m around your pool. For a distance greater than 5m consult us
CLASSIC pool equipment pack
Naja side filter
NAJA SIDE filter
The pump and filter in our kits feature a flow adapted to the volume of your pool.
This provides a high-quality filtration.

The filtering medium includes fine sand and gravel specific to each pump type.

The electrical box is equipped with a trip adapted to the pump capacity and integrates the transformer required for the projector or projectors.

Accessories supplied with LUXE equipped pool kit
All required accessories to ensure clean pool maintenance are supplied within the kit.

Installation diagrams

Lighting projector connection
Projector connection
Discharge nozzle connection
Discharge nozzle connection

Brush adaptor connection
Brush adaptor connection
Main drain connection
Main drain connection

Skimmer connection
Skimmer connection
The skimmer cleanses the water surface.

The main drain suctions the lower volume of pool water.

The discharge nozzles allow the return of filtered water to the pool.

The brush adaptor can connect a manual pool vacuum or automatic pool cleaner.

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