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TRADIPOOL galvanised steel panel pool kit

TRADIPOOL galvanised steel panel pool kit
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Galvanised pool kit 7x3,50m x h1,10m
EUR 5990.00
The Tradipool kit has been designed to enable the construction of a true, traditional inground pool that meets your needs.
Featuring anti-corrosive, galvanised steel panels with supporting struts, a full filtration system and quality liner.
This kit includes a complete filtration system, a high quality 75/100 liner, sealing parts, ladder and maintenance kit
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Dimensions and prices

TRADIPOOL h1,10m composed floorPrice incl VATTRADIPOOL h1,50m flat floorPrice incl VAT
Galvanised pool kit 7x3,50m x h1,10m5990.00 €Galvanised steel pool kit 7x3,50m x h1,50m filtration Quick Pack6990.00 €
Galvanised steel pool kit 8x4m x h1,10m filtration Quick Pack6790.00 €Galvanised steel pool kit 8x4m x h1,50m filtration Quick Pack7890.00 €
Galvanised steel pool kit 9x4,50m h1,10m7590.00 €Galvanised steel pool kit 9x4,50m h1,50m8590.00 €
Galvanised steel pool kit 10x5m h1,10m8390.00 €Galvanised steel pool kit 10x5m h1,50m9290.00 €
Galvanised steel pool kit 11x5,5m h1,10m9390.00 €Galvanised steel pool kit 11x5,5m h1,50m10290.00 €
Galvanised steel pool kit 12x6m h1,10m9990.00 €Galvanised steel pool kit 12x6m h1,50m11590.00 €

TRADIPOOL galvanised steel panel pool kit

Composition of kit

TRADIPOOL galvanised steel panel pool kit contains all of the required material to build your pool.
Featuring high-quality components, including:
- 200/100e (2mm) galvanised steel panels, perfectly resistant to corrosion.
Precut for sealing part insertion.
- Made to measure 75/100 liner.
- Filtration system for technical shelter or filtration monobloc (on option).
- Sealing parts required for a pool (skimmer, discharge nozzle, brush adaptor...).
- Peripheral plumbing for pool.
- Plumbing for technical shelter.
- Ladder or stairs (on option).

A pool maintenance kit is also supplied.

Structural solidity

The panels and supporting struts are made from galvanised steel to create your pool shape, guaranteeing solidity and resistance to corrosion. The self-supporting structure that can resist hydraulic pressure:

- if the contour of the pool is not backfilled,
- if the pool is installed above ground.

Inversely, the pool can resist the pressure of backfill earth in the case that the pool is emptied of water.
It is possible to backfill the outer periphery of the structure without the risk of pressure damage.
TRADIPOOL panels are made in France.

TRADIPOOL 75/100 Liner

The liner is made to measure, depending on the required shape and dimensions. 75/100 thick, this liner proves to be resistant and flexible, facilitating installation and made to last.

Anti-UV, colourfast, anti-stain, resistant to chemical treatment products
Fitting system
"Hung"with galvanised steel screws
10 years, digressive on soldering
Available colours
Choice of 7

Available liner colours

Standard filtration

TRADIPOOL galvanised steel panel pool kits come with a traditional filtration system including : a sand filter, a filtration pump and electrical box to install in your technical shelter.
On option, you can choose to install an outboard filtration monobloc which independently filters your poolwater.


Traditional filtering system

Filtrinov MX18

Sealing parts

TRADIPOOL galvanised steel pool kits include all the required sealing parts to complete pool installation:
- Skimmer
- Brush adaptor
- Discharge nozzles
- Main drain
- Projector

Peripheral plumbing

TRADIPOOL plumbing packs are designed to connect sealing parts to the technical shelter. Including PVC PN-16 piping, elbow connections and flexible tubing.
Plumbing elements Tradipool pool kit

Technical shelter plumbing

The TRADIPOOL plumbing kit, to constitute the pool's technical shelter, for all the proposed dimensions :

- PVC Ø50 mm collector (1)
- 5 PVC PN-16 Ø50 mm valves (2)]
- 3 connection valves for the collector inlet
- 1 discharge valve
- 1 valve to evacuate soiled water, positioned at the filter outlet
- 5 Ø50 mm union connections to screw or stick (3)
- 3 PVC T to stick (4)
- 15 Ø50 mm PVC 90° elbow connections to stick (5)
- 5 Ø50 mm PVC 45° elbow connections to stick (6)
- 1 pot PVC glue (7)
- 4 rolls of Teflon] (8)
- 2.5 m PVC PN-16 rigid piping, to be stuck (9)
Plumbing kit for Tradipool

Pool Access

The standard TRADIPOOL galvanised steel pool kit is supplied with a stainless steel 3 step ladder. You can choose, if you prefer, stairs on option.

Tradipool standard pool ladder

Stairs Tradipool

Maintenance kit

To simplify maintenance and manage water quality in your pool, this kit contains :

3.60 m telescopic handle
12 m floating tube
Net to clean depth of pool
Wall supports
Maintenance kit
Floating thermometer
Curved brush head
Liner brush
Supplied maintenance kit

Recap sealing parts - plumbing - filtration

Sealing parts

Pool dimensionsup to 9x4.5m10x5m and 11x5.5m6x12m
Screw on discharge nozzle223
Brush adaptor111
Standard 15L Skimmer122
Ø 210 main drain (ABS)111
Wall crossing334
Standard projector111
ABS junction box111
Souple cable passage111


Dimensions of poolup to 9x4.5m10x5m and 11x5.5m6x12m
PVC Ø50 mm collector111
By Pass PN-16 Ø 50 mm valves555
Union connection Ø50 mm x 1 1/2"555
PVC 90° T, to be stuck Ø50mm333
PVC 90° elbow connection, to be stuck Ø50mm151515
PVC 45° elbow connection, to be stuck Ø50mm555
500ml pot of glue111
Threaded ending for main drain111
2,5 m of PVC PN-16 piping to be stuck, Ø50mm111

Peripheral plumbing

Dimensions of pool9x4.5m10x5m and 11x5.5m6x12m
2.5 m PVC PN-16 piping to be stuck Ø50mm456
PVC 90° elbow connection to be stuck Ø50mm81012
Flexible piping Ø50 mm - 25lm111
Flexible piping Ø50 mm - 50lm111


Dimensions of poolup to 9x4.5m10x5m and 11x5.5m6x12m
Electrical box 4 and 6A (voltage supply for 1 300W projector)111
Filtration pump1 3/4 HP single phase - 9 m³/h1 pump 1 HP Mono - 12 m³/h1 pump 1.25 HP single-phase - 15 m³/h
Sand filterSide filter 9m³/h Ø480mmSide filter 12m³/h Ø560mmSide filter 17m³/h Ø660mm
25 kg bag of sand (Granulometery 0.5- 1.6 mm)247
25 kg bag of gravel (Granulometery 2 - 4 mm)123

Implantation reccomendations

- Your pool must be implanted on a stable, consolidated area without backfill earth.
- Choose the area giving best sun exposure.
- Install you pool as far away as possible from all vegetation for reasons of shade, dirt and debris, leaves...
- Choose an area which is sheltered from the wind.


25 years on the structure against perforation due to rust

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Price incl. VAT

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