Filtrinov MX18

Filtrinov MX18
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Ref. Abatik 000072
Ref. Provider MX18 C00 LED/32
Standard evolving filtration monobloc MX18
Total filtration for your pool,
Waterflow 18m³/h, for maximum pool volumes of 80m³,
Easy installation on pool coping,
Filtering capacity 25 microns,
Equipped with a white LED lighting feature
  • Single-phase
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Standard evolving filtration monobloc MX18
Ref. Abatik 000072 Ref. Provider MX18 C00 LED/32
EUR 2825
2825 €
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Filtration monobloc MX18 with counter current
Ref. Abatik 006823 Ref. Provider MX18 CN0 LED/32
EUR 3940
3940 €
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Filtration monobloc MX18 with salt electrolysis
Ref. Abatik 008679 Ref. Provider MX18 C0E LED/32
EUR 4716
4716 €
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Filtration monobloc MX18 with counter current + salt electrolysis
Ref. Abatik 007297 Ref. Provider MX18 CNE LED/32
EUR 5383
5383 €
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Filtration monobloc MX18 with 3-way valve
Ref. Abatik 015415 Ref. Provider MX18C00VTLED/32
EUR 3150
3150 €
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Filtration monobloc MX18 with counter current + 3-way valve
Ref. Abatik 017621 Ref. Provider MX18CN0VTLED/32
EUR 4050
4050 €
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Filtration monobloc MX18 with counter current, salt electrolysis and pH regulator
Ref. Abatik 019294 Ref. Provider MX18 CNE PHLED
EUR 6131
6131 €
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Filtration monobloc MX18 with salt electrolysis and pH regulator
Ref. Abatik 019292 Ref. Provider MX18 C0E PHLED
EUR 5439
5439 €
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Filtration monobloc MX18 with salt electrolysis + by-pass
Ref. Abatik 023665 Ref. Provider MX18C0EVTLEDT
EUR 4768
4768 €
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Filtration monobloc MX18 with salt electrolysis + pH regulator + by-pass
Ref. Abatik 023666 Ref. Provider MX18C0EPHVTLEDT
EUR 4818
4818 €
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Option colour LED + remote control
Ref. Abatik 019510 Ref. Provider LED COULEURS
EUR 219
219 €
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The Filtrinov MX18 filtration monobloc manages your pool filtration system and is adapted to all pools with a maximum volume of 80m³. Its inground housing carries the pump, filter and optional equipment.

Sand in colour, merging perfectly with your poolside environment. The installation and start-up of the monobloc MX18 is very easy, the pump is self-priming.

Esthethique and discreet

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Technical features

Maximum volume of pool
ABS, PMMA anti-UV thermoformed
Filtration pump
Capacity of filter pump
0,75kW (1HP)
Skim Vac
Filtering system
2 removable polyester cartridge filters
Filtering area
Filtering capacity
25 microns
Lighting options
White LED feature (Secure, very low current transformer)
Locking system on lid
Anchoring system on unit
Yes (avoiding masonry work)
Inside view MX 18

Skim Vac
The supplied Skim Vac allows you to connect a manual brush or a hydraulic pool cleaner to your filtering bloc.

Compatible with diverse pools in diverse situations
MX 18 fits into all situations

Description of elements Filtrinov MX18 filtration monobloc

A. Soundproof removable lid with locking function.

B. Filter (automatic or manual) and lighting feature control box.

C. Inground sector containing the filter pump and optional equipment.

D. Skim Vac allows the connection of a brush or a pool cleaner.

E. Two removable filter cartridges with collector baskets.

F. Balneotherapy (Air regulator knob).

G. Skimmers, two openings creating suction inlet.

H. Adjustable, high debiting, discharge nozzles.

I. LED lighting feature.
Description monobloc Filtrinov MX18

MX 18 monobloc

Optional equipment

There are several versions of the Filtrinov MX18 filtering monobloc. The standard model can add on options even several years after installation:

- Salt Electrolysis system automates your water treatment system.

- Automated pH regulation

- 3-way valve allows the redirection of the discharge water to a heat pump or any other heating system.

- Countercurrent option means that you can benefit from a double flow (2 x 18m³/h equating to 36m³/h) creating a strong current for on the spot swimming.

- Colour LED lighting feature + remote control (carrying range 8m) to create different atmospheres and moods with your pool.

Salt electrolysis option

It is possible to add to the Filtrinov MX18 a salt electrolysis system to ensure ecological and economical pool water disinfection by chemical reaction.
Using this system, it is no longer a requirement to add treatment products, such as chlorine, to your pool water.
This procedure leads to automated water treatment, resulting in pure, clear pool water.

This option also offers pool water that will not provoke allergic reactions or irritations and is odourless.
Salt electrolysis option

pH regulator option

Inside view MX 18
Your Filtrinov MX18 filtering monobloc can now integrate a pH regulator. This equipment ensures that your water is regulated at the desired pH level, controlling the acidity using a probe. This means you no longer need to manually regulate your pool water pH. With an automatic pH correction, the water is easily maintained every day.

To facilitate maintenance of your pool throughout the year, you can associate the salt electrolysis system and the pH regulator. These two options maximise to an optimum your water treatment system.

Combining a salt electrolysis system and pH regulator: How does it work?

Operational schema MX 18

Power input
Control box
pH probe
Filter pump
pH Dosing pump
pH correction liquid
Injection of pH correction liquid
Salt electrolyseur

3-way valve option

You can equally connect your pool to a heating system such as a heat pump, to guarantee an agreeable pool water temperature all year round.

This happens by capturing the calories naturally present in the environment and rendering them into your pool water. This ecological and economical method significantly lengthens your swimming season.

You can cumulate the salt electrolyser and by-pass valve options.
By pass valve option

Counter current option

This option has been designed for recreational family use.
Easily connected to a secondary pump, without modification to your filtration bloc.

Offering a flow of 36 m3/h providing massage and swimming pleasure to adults and children alike.
Counter current option

LED + remote control option

Personalise your pool atmosphere using varied gradients of red, green and blue colour palette is now possible. Easy installation, completed in a few minutes.
The remote control has a carrying range of 8 meters, offering total freedom of movement.

A LED bulb consumes less, requires less maintenance as well as a lifespan superiour to a classic bulb.
Option LED and remote control

Dimensions of filtration monobloc Filtrinov MX18 in mm

Dimensions of MX 18
Waterlevel (A), Gradient 2% (B), Pool structure (C) Pool border (D

Schema for filtration monobloc Filtrinov MX18

1 Filtration pump, 2 PVC pipes, 3 Filter cartridges, 4 Discharge nozzles
Schema MX 18
Standard non evolving Filtrivov MX18 filtration monobloc
Schema MX 18
Standard evolving Filtrivov MX18 filtration monobloc

Pakaging and transport of Filtrivov MX18 filtration monobloc

Packaging and transportation MX 18
The Filtrinov MX18 filtration monobloc is delivered in a wooden case, 2 persons can reception the delivery.

All deliveries must be checked in the presence of the transporter.


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