SOLIFLOW compact filtration bloc

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SOLIFLOW filtering monobloc
For pools up to 25m3
Filtration capacity 15 or 25 microns
Delivered with filtering pockets
Cartridge on option
  • Maximum pool volume 25 m3
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SOLIFLOW filtering monobloc
Ref. Abatik 000073 Ref. Provider 8410000
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Soliflow cartridge kit (cartridge and support)
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Soliflow pack of 5 filtering pockets
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Soliflow replacement cartridge
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Entirely built-in under the pool coping, the SOLIFLOW monobloc merges perfectly into its environment. The pool coping conserves its line and regularity : a determining esthetic element in your choice of filtrating monobloc and filtration equipment.
Using a pump without ventilator (water cooling system), SOLIFLOW discreetly filters, without disrupting the peace and tranquillity you require from your pool area. You can choose where to position the monobloc discharge as to optimise water circulation and pool water cleanliness.

Made from injected ABS, Soliflow is a product that has an excellent finish whilst offering a wide range of features, including :

- Exclusive water cooling system offering very low noise level in operation and recuperation of water, using fewer calories.
- Automatic regulation of the water level, compensating water loss due to natural evaporation.
- Using a vertical pump, water cannot reach the motor, therefore, the pump remains primed.
- SOLIFLOW has been designed and manufactured respecting the industries standards and norms
SOLIFLOW compact filtration bloc

Composition of SOLIFLOW in detail

Scattered view SOLIFLOW compact filtration bloc
1. Electrical cabinet : Featuring a time clock, transformer 230/12V and 315VA and dry flow security
2. Pump : 11m3/h flow. Very low noise level in operation because of water cooling system. Motor situated under water level.
3. Water level regulation : Permanently controls and maintains the water level of the pool. An overflow protects the motor and electrical components.
4. Automatic water treatment : Automatically ensures your water treatment.
5. Filtering pockets : Double filtering pocket, disposable, with 25-micron filtering capacity and a total surface of 1,08m². Supplied with 6 filtering pockets.
6. Discharge : Choice of positioning of 1 or 2 discharge nozzles.


To guarantee optimum quality, Soliflow is tested in depression conditions by the manufacturer. All electronic and mechanical components are inaccessible to children and protected by a key locked lid.

On option - filtration cartridge

A high capacity cartridge is available for the Soliflow. This is a washable, more durable solution for filtering, offring more independence between washes. The cartridge ensures a filtering capacity of 15 microns, providing clear, limpid water. The available kit is needed to adapt the cartridge to your Soliflow system.

Energy economy

The position of the pump is patented. This system removes the need for suction piping and reduces friction loss that is evident with other filtration systems. Soliflow optimises the motor performance making 30 % of electricity economy (equaling water flow to that of a traditional system).

Maximum volume of pool
Filtration capacity
25 microns with filtering pockets or 15 microns with the optional cartridge
Surface filtered with filtration pockets
1,08 m²
Surface filtered with cartridges
6,9 m²
Choice of positioning of discharge nozzles and projector
Acrylic reinforced with glass fiber
Dimensions in mm
l 400 x L 800 x H 1000
22 kg
Timeclock and transformer
300 WA
Conform to EU norm
certified TÜV
2 years

Dimensions SOLIFLOW compact filtration bloc
Dimensions of SOLIFLOW (in mm)


The SOLIFLOW can be installed with one or two discharge outlets.
Installation with 1 discharge outlet
1 Discharge SOLIFLOW
Installation with 2 discharge outlets
2 discharges SOLIFLOW

Flow of water to pool
SOLIFLOW filtration monobloc

The use of a second discharge is recommended as to limit friction loss and better water circulation.
Position the SOLIFLOW opposing dominant wind to avoid an accumulation of pollution.


2 years

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