Filtrinov FB12

 Filtrinov FB12
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Ref. 007040
Filtration monobloc Filtrinov FB12 with lighting feature + electrical box
Water flow 12m³/h, for a pool with a maximum volume of 45m³,
Easy installation on pool border.
Filtering capacity 25 microns, filtering area 4,5m²
Features white LED lighting feature
  • Single-phase
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Filtration monobloc Filtrinov FB12 with lighting feature + electrical box
Ref. 007040
EUR 1845
1845 €
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Filtration monobloc FB12 without projector or box
Ref. 023675
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Filtration monobloc FB12 without projector or box with by-pass
Ref. 023676
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1640 €
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Filtration monobloc FB12 with white projector + remote control + by-pass
Ref. 023677
EUR 1945
1945 €
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Filtration monobloc FB12 with colour projector + remote control + by-pass
Ref. 023678
EUR 2137
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Filtration monobloc FILTRINOV FB12 with RGB projector and remote control
Ref. 019151
EUR 1848
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The Filtrinov FB12 filtering monobloc replaces in one contained unit : service piping, filter, pump and technical shelter, replacing traditional installations.

In the unit, we find one 0,5kw pump, two cartridge filters, each with a filtering capacity of 25 microns, two skimmers, one discharge nozzle and a LED projector.

Ideal in the case of pool renovation, this monobloc is placed on the level of the pools border, with the units water inlet immersed in the pool water.

The Filtrinov FB12 filtration monobloc has been designed for use in all pools up to a maximum of 45m³. This unit is self-priming and easy to install.

Filtrinov in use

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Technical features

Maximum volume of pool
ABS, PMMA thermoformed
Filtering pump power
Filtering system
2 polyester filter cartridges
Filtered area
Filtering capacity
25 microns
Lighting feature
White LED connected to security low current transformer
Locking feature on unit lid
Anchorage support for unit
Yes, can be fitted without masonry work

Filtrainov adapts to all situations
Adapts to all situations

Filtrinov FB12 in detail

A. Soundproof removable lid equipped with locking system.

B. Terminal block + time clock.

C. The in-ground section including the filter pump.

D. Two removable filter cartridges with collector baskets.

E. Skimmers, two lateral openings for water suction.

F. Adjustable discharge nozzle.

G. White LED lighting feature.
Discription Filtrinov FB12

Additional equipment

You can equally choose to add a coloured lighting feature to your monobloc (shades of red, green) operating by remote control with a carrying range of 8m.

Dimensions of Filtrinov FB12 in mm

Dimensions of monobloc
Waterlevel (A), Gradient 2% (B), Pool structure (C) pool border (D)

Schema of monobloc Filtrinov FB12

1 Filter pump, 2 PVC tubing, 3 Filter cartridges, 4 Discharge nozzles
Schema filtrinov FB12

Packaging and transport of monobloc

Packaging MX25
The monobloc Filtrinov FB12 is delivered in a wooden case, 2 persons can reception the material.

The delivery should be checked in the presence of the transporter.


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