Tradipool filtration kit

Tradipool filtration kit
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Tradipool filtration pack pump+filter+electrical cabinet for pools up to 40m³
Filtration pack for technical shelter,
Filtration pump,
Side valve for sand filter,
Supplied electrical cabinet,
Sand 25 kg,
Gravel 25 kg
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Tradipool filtration pack pump+filter+electrical cabinet for pools up to 40m³
Ref. Abatik 012422 Ref. Provider 30144A
EUR 955
955 €
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Tradipool filtration packpump+filter+electrical cabinet for pools up to 60m³
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Tradipool filtration pack pump+filter+electrical cabinet for pools up to 80m³
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Swimming pool online has developed 3 filtration packs to equip the technical shelter of pools up to 80 m³, under construction or renovation.
The Tradipool pack contains:

- A filtration pump
- Sand filter + recharge
- Electrical cabinet to control manual and automatic on/off functions of the pump and a lighting feature.

The filtration system is at the heart of your pool's operation. Health and safety guidelines dictate that the total volume of pool water must be filtered a maximum of 6h.
The pumps and filters that constitute Tradipool packs have a water flow that filter pool water in less than 6h. This capacity ensures faster recycling of pool water. Faster water circulation ensures better pool water quality. Water is cleaner and clearer, offering more user comfort. The use of water treatment chemicals is also reduced.

Plumbing connections are not supplied but are available on our plumbing and technical shelter section.

Pump Tradipool filtration kit
Sand filter Tradipool filtration kit
Electrical cabinet Tradipool filtration kit

Composition of Tradipool filtration pack depending on the volume of your pool

Volume of poolFiltration pumpSand filterSand rechargeGravel rechargeElectrical cabinet
Up to 40 m³Astral Sena 3/4HP pump single-phase 9 m³/hMillénium Side filter 9 m³/h Ø480 mm2 X 25 kg25 kgElectrical cabinet 4 to 6 A/lighting projector 300W
Up to 60 m³Astral Sena 1HP pump single-phase 12 m³/hMillénium Side filter 12 m³/h Ø560 mm4 X 25 kg2 X 25 kgElectrical cabinet 4 to 6 A/lighting projector 300W
Up to 80 m³Astral Sena 1.25HP pump single-phase 15 m³/hMillénium Side filter 17 m³/h Ø660 mm7 X 25 kg3 X 25 kgElectrical cabinet 4 to 6 A/lighting projector 300W

Astral Sena filtration pump

The Astral Sena filtration pump is powerful and compact. Developed technical components coupled with a powerful motor offers exceptional, durable performance and a very low noise level in operation.

Sena pump Tradipool filtration kit

Astral Sena features

- Self-priming at more than 2m without non-return valve
- 2 litre pre-filter with transparent lid allowing supervision of clogging level
- Compatible with salt water treatments (immersed elements are made from stainless steel)
- Easy opening of prefilter, by means of upper, cross formed lid. Easy handling, opens with 1/4 turn.
- Resistant polypropylene and glass fiber structure
- Very low noise level in operation

Astral Sena filtration pump in detail

1 - Transparent pre-filter lid
2 - Suction and discharge connections 1,5" for 50mm diameter
3 - Pre-filter basket
4 - Purge valve
5 - Stable pump base
6 - AISI 316 stainless steel and aluminium mechanical seals
7 - NORYL turbine
8 - Bearings resistant to high temperatures
9 - IP55 protection index - Class F insulation
Scattered view Sena Tradipool filtration kit

Astral Millénium sand filter:

The Millénium sand filter tank is a monobloc, designed using an anti-corrosive, blown, plastic resin without joins or soldering points to limit the risk of leakage.

Astral Millénium sand filter features:

- Monobloc polypropylene tank
- Multi-way side valve. This allows the circulation if water and the selections of available cycles - Filtration, back wash, rinse, circulation, purge, closing and winterizing.
- Internal, upper, high-speed diffuser
- Lower collector, featuring 9 sieves.
- Pressure gauge to supervise tank pressure
- Large transparent lid to supervise sand clogging
- Manual air valve, to evacuate trapped air in necessary
- Automatic internal air valve
- Manual water valve, facilitating purges without loss of sand
- Resistant and stable plastic filter base
Sand filter Tradipool filtration kit

The filtering recharge supplied is composed of:

- Sand, with a granulometry between 0.5 and 1.6 mm.
Ensures excellent filtration quality

- Gravel, with a granulometry between 2 and 4 mm.
Facilitates water circulation around the sieves
Sand recharge Tradipool filtration kit
Sand recharge, 25 kg
Gravel Tradipool filtration kit
Gravel recharge, 25 kg

Electrical cabinet

The Tradipool filtration pack equally includes the electrical cabinet to power and command the pump, using a timer (Automatic mode) or manually (manual mode). A 4 to 6,3 amp calibrated magnetothermal switch protects the pump from over heating.

The electrical cabinet features a 12V/300W transformer that allows several lighting projectors to be connected to the system (maximum power 300W).

A 3 position front switch lets you selection manual, automatic or stop mode of the filtration pump.

A separate switch allows you to operate lighting projectors (on or off).

Attention: The electrical supply to the cabinet must conform to the norm C-15-100.
Electrical cabinet Tradipool filtration kit

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