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Teddington distance control for hammam

Teddington distance control for hammam
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Teddington control panel tactile, 7-inch colour
EUR 790.00
Distance control panel with 7-inch tactile screen,
Multifunction display, to be built-in with stainless steel finishing plate,
Compatible with Teddington steam generators
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Teddington, control panel for hammam, with distance management

The Teddington tactile control panel is user-friendly and intuitive enabling you to easily manage your hammam features. This control panel is compatible with the LS REG-7 multifunction display of Teddington steam generators.

Compact and designed to be built-in to an outer wall panel of your hammam or up to 100 meters from the hammam cabin, offering the following functions.

- program your hammam in advance,
- manage lighting and aromatherapy simultaneously,
- control ventilation enabling correct drying of the hammam interior.

The screen precisely indicates hammam temperature and steam production by means of easily understood pictograms.

Main functions

• Mode «hotel » avoiding the need to modify operational settings (only "hammam start" button remains visible).
• Timer, enabling the hammam to automatically go to reduced power at the end of the session.
• Eco button, to stop screen activity, lighting only when touched.
• Settings :
- Opening hours of an establishment for totally automated hammam operation (start, stop, lighting, aromatherapy and ventilation). At opening time, the hammam steam generator will commence operation at reduced power, enabling preheat.
- Eco mode (reduced power) when unoccupied.
- Ventilation and partial ventilation of hammam (during operation and non-operation) to force commencement of steam production.
- Secondary LED, Starlit ceiling lighting or service lighting to facilitate maintenance and cleaning of the hammam.
Teddington distance control for hammam


Screen size
L230 x H180mm
Supply voltage
230V/24VCC via supplied power block
Multifunction display
Liason cable
2 meters
Teddington steam generators

Equipment supplied with tactile control

Finishing plate :
Stainless steel, engraved "HAMMAM"
Dimensions : 250 x H250mm
Patress system :
Stainless steel
Dimensions : 240 x H240 x P50mm
Multifunction display LS REG-7

Tactile colour 7 inch screen Teddington distance control


2 years

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