Discrete DSM 1.0 pool alarm

Discreet Alarm in situ
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Discrete pool alarm
Discover the Discrete pool alarm, fall detector, conforming to the norm NFP 90-307-1 at discount price with Swimming Pool Online.
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-307-1
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Discrete pool alarm
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Portable monitor for Discrete pool alarm
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This alarm is placed under the pool border, discreet and easy to use.
The Discrete DSM 1.0 alarm is an anti-falling detection system. The device is installed under your pool border. Very discreet, requiring little space, ensuring compatibility with pools that feature automatic shutters. User-friendly, the alarm features an interactive interface and remote control.
The alarm is supplied with all elements needed to ensure the installation and start-up of the alarm.

Conforming to the norm NFP 90-307-1:2009 respecting installation guidelines, the alarm can :
- Be installed in rectangular pools up to 4 x 8m and 1m40 deep.
- Siren is activated 12 seconds maximum following impact.
- Is capable of distinguishing a water feature (waterfall, filtration, rain, wind) from body impact.


The Discrete DSM 1.0 is supplied with all parts needed to ensure installation and start-up.

Inside the package you will find:
- The alarm ready to be installed,
- The remote control,
- The magnetic feature,
- 4 alkaline batteries,
- Instructions for use and installation,
- Guarantee instructions.

+ Hardware supplied:
- A stainless steel support to fix under the pool coping,
- A stainless steel support to fix to the pool wall,
- 1 magnetic system to ensure alarm control,
- 2 wall plugs, diam. 6 mm,
- 2 stainless steel screws 5 x 35,
- 1 stainless steel screw M4 x 16.
Discreet Alarm in situ


The Discrete DSM 1.0 Is compatible with inground, semi-inground and above ground pools. This system is not compatible with flexibly structured pools , pools without a surround, mirrored pools or pools equipped with a filtration programmed at a high flow rate. A bubble cover could also be the cause of perturbation of this alarm system.


Easy and intuitive use for optimal security
Settings are programmed directly on the control panel, using the supplied magnetic feature or the remote control.

The remote control features three buttons:
- Button (1) selects "swim" mode
- Button (2) selects "monitoring" mode
- Button (3) allows you to test the portable alarm monitor. The button (3) can equally be used to put the alarm on standby mode. To do so, just hold the button in a pressed position. To validate, pass the magnetic feature over the control panel.

On the control panel, the magnetic feature allows you to control the different features of the alarm by using the position (a).
Each change of status is identified by:
- a green light and a "beep" when "monitoring" mode is selected (b)
- a red light and a "beep" when "swim" mode is selected (c)
Remote control Discreet alarm system

Remote control for the Discrete DSM 1.0

Discreet pool alarm system

"monitoring" mode
The alarm automatically goes back to "monitoring" after 2 consecutive minutes of calm water. The return to monitoring mode can take longer (up to 20 minutes) depending on activity around the pool. It is, therefore, important to be vigilant during this period of transition.
The return to "monitoring" mode can also be made manually using the magnetic feature on the control panel or the remote control.

Installation of the alarm

To ensure adequate operation the alarm should be positioned in full respect of the instructions given in the instruction booklet.

The fixation system allows discreet installation under the pool surround. When installed, it is recommended that :
- The tube of the alarm is in a perfectly vertical position.
- Secure the alarm in a way that it is not possible to move manually.
- Check that the alarm, once secured, is stable to avoid vibration.
- That the depth of immersion of the tube is respected (ref schema : The blue lines represent the highest and lowest applicable water levels).

To check alarm operation it is recommended to effectuate a test run following installation. The procedure to follow is noted in the instruction booklet.
Applicable water levels

Conform to the norm NFP 90-307-1, the Discrete DSM 1.0 alarm system should activate in a maximum delay of 12 seconds following the impact into the pool water. The maximum rayon of detection for the alarm should be no greater than 7 meters.
In consequence, your alarm should be positioned the whole pool surface whatever its configuration should be (ref below schema).
Implantation for Discreet pool alarm system
To complete conform installation in larger pools it is possible to fit several Discrete DSM 1.0 alarm systems.
Equally, if the indoor area is too far from the pool, there is the possibility of using the portable monitor RPT 1.0. that will transmit the alarm siren indoors.


Automatic running following pool use
Report of unmonitored periods
Remote control to activate and change modes
Integrated siren
Battery status warning
Compatible with automatic shutters
Can be fitted in already built pools or pools under construction
Maximum dimensions of pools
rectangular 10 x 5 m
minimum 1 year
Power source
4 alkaline batteries LR20 1,5V (supplied)
Dimensions of alarm Lxwxh
385 x 340 x 135mm
Fixation kit
Under pool border (supplied


Zero risk is non-existent: Only active adult supervision associated with the Discrete DSM 1.0 pool alarm system equals an acceptable level of security.
The use of this system is by no means a reason for less supervision or a replacement for active visual supervision of the pool and its surroundings.
Fast reaction is a determining factor in the case of an accident.


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