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ROLLTROT motorised crank for barred covers

Rolltrot motorised crank
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Ref. Abatik P13497
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ROLLTROT SOLO motorised crank for barred covers
For barred covers with maximum dimensions of 12 x 5,50m,
Rolls your barred pool cover without effort,
Dependable and economic,
Operates with remote control
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ROLLTROT SOLO motorised crank for barred covers
Ref. Abatik P13497 Ref. Provider EA 4440
EUR 1059
1059 €
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Square adaptor 13/15 for ROLLTROT SOLO motorised crank
Ref. Abatik P13507 Ref. Provider EA 4446
EUR 129
129 €
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The ROLLTROT is a motorised, automatic system used to roll, without effort, your barred pool cover.
In less than three minutes (for a 10 x 5m pool), you can uncover your pool, whenever you want to.

Unrolling the cover is effectuated easily by using the central pull cord. The ROLLTROT motorised crank replaces a manual crank.
The ROLLTROT is equipped with a reverse mode, enabling easy disengagement in any position.

The ROLLTROT is adapted to any ALBIGES barred cover (with maximum dimensions of 12,00 x 5,50 m). It can also be used with most security barred covers, using its 13/15 square adaptor (available on option).

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The ROLLTROT motorised crank in detail

Detail Rolltrot

1Rolling blockPositioned on the two sides of the crank, so can be used on either side of your barred cover (equipped with a male adaptor).
2Transportation handleErgonomic and clever, serving as both a handle and remote control.
3Wheels Flexible and wide design, these wheels are silent and contribute to the stability of the crank.
4Reverse in operationBy a simple push of a button, the motor inverses briefly, disengaging the crank from its position.
5ChargerWith a LED indication light : Red = battery charging / green = battery charged

Once charged, the 12 volt battery of the ROLLTROT, can maintain approx 10 manipulations of your cover (this estimation varies as to the size of your cover).

Technical features

electric, 12 V
R 12V included
With LED indicator
Power supply
220V 50Hz
Maximum dimensions of cover
12 x 5,5m
2 years excepting battery

ROLLTROT in situ

On option 13/15 square adaptor for ROLLTROT motorised crank

The ROLLTROT motorised crank is compatible with covers featuring a male rolling block, however, with the 13/15 adaptor (available on option), operation is possible for covers with female rolling blocks.

Instructions for use

The ROLLTROT adapts to all barred covers made by ALBIGES, by simply inserting the rolling tube of the cover, wheels positioned towards the exterior of the pool with the ROLLTROT preferably to the right of the cover. (a left hand position is however, possible).

Step 1
Step 2<br />

A - Place the ROLLTROT in front of the pool covers rolling tube
B - Ensure its correct position by a light pulsation on the remote control

When the ROLLTROT is in position in front of the rolling tube, free the handle, which also acts as the wired remote control.

Step 3
Step 4

C - Fully insert the rolling tube.
D - To roll the cover, action the wired remote control.

When commencing operation, it is important to ensure the first rotations are even and there are no foreign objects on the pool cover surface.

Step 5
Step 6

E - The ROLLTROT moves independently on the pool surround at the same time as the cover.
F - When operation is complete, remove the ROLLTROT by lightly pressing the REVERSE button situated behind the unit to disengage the rolling block easily.

Maintain the button of the wired remote and follow the ROLLTROT till your cover is totally rolled.
To unroll your cover, use the central pullcord (please refer to your pool covers owners manuel).


2 years excepting battery

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