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Weltico Diamond and Rainbow Power lighting projector

Weltico Diamond and rainbow power ref
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DIAMOND POWER 6 LED lighting projector white liner
Lighting projector featuring 6 or 12 LEDs with alcove
Easily installed and dismantled
Powerful beams
Low energy consumption
Coloured or white light depending on the model
Made in France
Remote control + on/off box pack for WELTICO Diamond Power LED bulb
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RAINBOW POWER 12 LED lighting projector colour panel
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Remote control + regulating box pack for WELTICO Rainbow Power LED bulb
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DIAMOND POWER 6 LED lighting projector white panel
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RAINBOW POWER 6 LED lighting projector liner colour
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Weltico Diamond and Rainbow power in situ

The Weltico Diamond and Rainbow Power LED pool projectors offer a quality light that guarantees a reduced energy consumption compared to a filament lamp.
LED technology gives a longer lifespan and a heating factor less significant than a traditional light bulb.
The projectors are delivered with a specific alcove chosen depending on the pool finish (concrete walls + liner ou panels).

Several models are available: Diamond Power 6 or 12 LED white in colour, Rainbow Power 6 or 12 LED, depending on your needs.
Weltico Diamond power
DIAMOND POWER lighting projector
Weltico Rainbow power
RAINBOW POWER lighting power

Techncial features (LINER/CONCRETE and PANEL versions available)

ProjectorDiamond Power 6 LEDDiamond Power 12 LEDRainbow Power 6 LEDRainbow Power 12 LED
Power supply12V AC 50Hz/60Hz12V AC 50Hz/60Hz12V AC 50Hz/60Hz12V AC 50Hz/60Hz
Input power15W34W28W44W
Max luminous flux1500lm3000lm800lm1600lm
Number of LEDs612612
Protection codeIP68IP68IP68IP68
Construction originFranceFranceFranceFrance

Main advantages

• LED lamp version 6 or 12 LED, available in white or colour.

• Compact alcove (135mm).

• Installation and disassembling easily effectuated in the alcove without the use of tools.

• Available colour for the projectors trim: White

• Excellent luminous efficiency that equals energy economies up to 80%.

• Lifespan 50 to 100 times superior to a classic projector bulb.

Energy consumption

Energy rating Weltico

Control your projectors from a distance (on option)

The projectors Diamond Power and Rainbow Power can be controlled at a distance by remote control (on option).

The remote control allows you to switch on or switch off the projectors from a distance (up to a range of 50 m).

LED white Diamond Power optional remote control

50 m
Power supply
433.92 MHz
230V, 50 HZ
Maximum charge
1000W /5A
Weltico universal remote control
Weltico universal remote control

The remote control pack + PLC box for Rainbow Power LED lighting projectors (on option)

The projector features an integrated FR receptor allowing you to receive a signal from the remote control within a clear range of 50 metres. Its specific frequency avoids interference with other remotes controlling other units in the same frequency.

Remote control

The remote control commands colour change, start and stop of the projector via the PLC box.

5 buttons :
- 1 button stop.
- 2 buttons to control series of static colours.
- 2 buttons to control sequences.

PLC box

The box is connected to the projectors power supply after the transformer.

Using the box you can control up to 4 coloured projectors on a maximum cable length of 25 metres.

The signal is transmitted by the power supply cable of the projector.
CPL box Weltico Rainbow and Diamond power

Electrical connections

The transformer

The transformer on which the LED is connected must have an output tension 12v.

Its power supply must be calculated in adequation to the strength of the connected projectors. Calculate a power supply 10% greater than the power consumed by the projector itself.
The below table indicates the number of projectors that the transformer can supply to depending on its output strength.

Transformer powerMax number of 6 LED projectorsMax number of 12 LED projectors

The cables

Remember that voltage drops can be very strong when the wiring is badly connected, terminals are badly screwed in or if wiring is short or oxidised.

Measure the electrical tension at the end of the circuit (required minimum electrical tension: 10,5V / maximum electrical tension: 13,5V)
Read the below table to define the cable section you need depending on the cable length and available power (referring to the connection of a lighting projector).

Diamond Power 6 LED

Cable section
Maximum length
2 x 2,5mm2
2 x 4mm2
2 x 6mm2
2 x 10mm2
Diamond Power 12 LED

Cable section
Maximum length
2 x 2,5mm2
2 x 4mm2
2 x 6mm2
2 x 10mm2
Rainbow Power

Cable section
Maximum length
2 x 2,5mm2
2 x 4mm2
2 x 6mm2
2 x 10mm2

Contained in the packaging

- 1 LED lamp
- 1 alcove
- 1 lamp trim
- 1 connector with cable gland
- O-rings and sealing parts
- 1 packet of screws
- 1 cable duct and cable
- 1 installation guide]


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