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SeaMAID above ground pool multicoloured LED projector

SeaMaid multicoloured LED for above ground pool
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LED multicoloured projector for above ground pool + remote control
EUR 199.00
For above ground pools with rigid pool walls,
Connection to discharge nozzle,
Delivered with remote control,
7 static colours and 3 sequences
In stock
Designed for labour-free installation without specific tools, the SeaMAID LED white light projector finds its perfect place in all rigid walled above ground pools, featuring, at least, one discharge nozzle with 1.5" female threading.

The projectors strong points

Resistant : The supporting structure and optic are constructed using ABS polycarbonate injection, giving high resistance to shocks, heat and chemical aggressions from water treatment systems.

Dependable and secure : An optic specifically developed for aquatic lighting, soldered using ultrasound.

Efficient : The optic obtains an excellent diffusion of light in water, harmonious and non-glaring for bathers.

Economic : The lighting source is composed of LEDs couples energy economy with colour variation : 7 static colours and 3 variations.

The SeaMAID projector is supplied in a kit form including a 6m cable, a 230V/12VAC transformer with socket plug, a radio remote control, a 1.5" discharge nozzle and an adapter.

Easy to install : Just lift the front cover and unscrew the discharge nozzle. Place the supporting plate of the projector opposite the discharge outlet in the pool wall and re-screw the nozzle into place. If the nozzle model does not fit, use the supplied adaptor. Pass the cable under the pool border and connect the projector to the electricity supply via its transformer.
SeaMAID above ground colour LED

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The force SeaMAID

SeaMAID uses a renowned, active Research & Development department that is equipped with a unique testing lab : A subaquatic measurement device designed in collaboration CSTB, Nantes, France and the National Testing Laboratory (Laboratoire National d'Essais -LNE). Using this device, SeaMAID can precisely measure the true lumen of its lighting systems in their operational environment as requested in the European regulation 1194.

The test results are incontestable and correspond to the reality of operational lighting in an aquatic environment.

The colour projector for above-ground pools (with remote control)

Colour temperatureRa (CRI*)Diffusion angleRated Luminous Flux
Red 1000K17.2120°42 lumens
Green 842K25.3120°130 lumens
Blue 1 000 000K49.6120°31 lumens

*CRI : Colour Rendering Index

Installing the projector

Installation schema
Dimensions above ground projector

Technical features

Supply voltage
12V AC 50Hz/60Hz
Inlet power
12W +/- 10%
Max luminous flux
280lm +/- 10%
Number of LED
Multicolore RGB
7 static colours and 3 sequences
On/Off + radio remote control (supplied)
Energy class Europe
Lifespan LED
30.000 Hours*
Projector lifespan
15.000 Hours*

* The lifespan is an indication based on information supplied by the manufacturer. This indication is in no way contractual and can vary depending on the frequency of use and variating, fluctuating electrical currents.


2 years

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