Harvia Helix HGX steam generator

Harvia Helix HGX steam generator
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HARVIA HELIX HGX 45 hammam steam generator
Compact models,
For hammam volumes between 2 and 28m³,
Easy installation,
Sperate tactile control panel,
Single and three phase supply voltage available
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HARVIA HELIX HGX 45 hammam steam generator
Ref. 017202
EUR 1680
1680 €
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HARVIA HELIX HGX 60 steam generator for hammam
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EUR 1785
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HARVIA HELIX HGX 90 steam generator for hammam
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HARVIA HELIX HGX 110 steam generator for hammam
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HARVIA HELIX HGX 150 steam generator for hammam
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ZG-500 steam discharge nozzle for HARVIA HELIX steam generator
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Automatic discharge valve for Harvia steam generator
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Perfum injection pump for Harvia steam generator
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Harvia Helix HGX steam generators in detail

The range of Harvia steam generators is composed of 5 models, offering between 4,5kW and 15kW adapted for use in hammams with a volume between 2 and 28m³.

The Helix HGX steam generators have been designed for use without the need of filtration or water softening system. All that is required for operation is a water inlet and adapted power supply.
These steam generators are user-friendly and simple to operate. Adjust water temperature, the rest is automated.
Harvia Helix HGX steam generator

Main advantages of the Harvia Helix HGX

- Complete range varying from 4,5 to 15kW for residential or professional use.
- Operates with mains water supply.
- Fast and easy installation using fast connections (Serflex collars)
- Start-stop/Programmation possible via distance management control.
- Easy operation.
- Fast, simple maintenance.
- Dependable, robust units: galvanised steel casing, stainless steel base plate.
- Connections for standard perfume pump.


Managed using a digital control panel with temperature display, each generator automatically adjusts steam production to correspond with the programmed temperature requirement, precisely.
If the hammam temperature is lower than the desired temperature, a solenoid opens, allowing water to enter into the steam production cylinder and immediately transform to steam. Pressurised, steam is then directed to the hammam, ensuring a stable temperature for use.

Anti-overflow detection end and integrated electrical protection ensure maximal security for each unit.

Control panel

The control panel facilitates your controls and settings. User-friendly, you can manage all available settings of the steam generator:
- Water temperature
- Duration of operation
- Delay start
- Perfume pump injection start
- Ventilation and lighting management
Control panel Harvia Helix HGX steam generator

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Tactile control panel


Sediment collection to deal with impurities present in water that fall to the bottom of the unit's reservoir.

Sediment collection and water level control Harvia Helix HGX

Spacer20Spacer20Water level sensor
Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Sediment collection container

Each Harvia HGX unit features a manual discharge valve, suctioning and evacuating limescale deposits ensuring optimal operation of the generator.
An automated discharge valve is available on option. This rinses the steam generator at regular intervals and following each user. This avoids tedious maintenance.

The removable front panel facilitates access to electronic components allowing fast and easy servicing.
Automatic discharge Helix HGX

Automatic discharge valve


ModelHGX 45HGX 60HGX 90HGX 110HGX 150
Reccomended volume of hammam *2 to 7m³2 to 11m³3 to 17m³6 to 21m³8 to 28m³
Steam production5,5kg/h7,6kg/h12kg/h14,6kg/h20,1kg/h


Empty weight
Full weight

*The size of the recommended hammam is based on panel

The choice of steam generator is dependent on the volume of the hammam, the chosen finish on panels, and the use of ventilation.

Recommended choice Harvia HGX

Power supply

ModelHGX 45HGX 60HGX 90HGX 110HGX 150
3-phase supply400V 3N400V 3N400V 3N400V 3N400V 3N
Cable sections5 x 1,5mm²5 x 1,5mm²5 x 2,5mm²5 x 2,5mm²5 x 6mm²
Fuses3 x 10A3 x 10A3 x 16A3 x 16A3 x 25A
Single-phase supply230V 1N230V 1N230V 1N230V 1N230V 1N
Cable sections3 x 6mm²3 x 6mm²3 x 10mm²3 x 10mm²3 x 10mm²


Each generator should be connected to the mains water supply.

Installation schema

Installation schema Harvia Helix HGX
1. Control panel
2. Temperature sensor
3. Steam distribution tube
4. Stop valve
5. Water inlet tube
6. Power supply
7. Condensation evacuation
8. Discharge valve
9. Perfume injection pump (optional)
10. Perfum reservoir (optional)
11. Steam diffusion nozzle (positioned under bench or in alcove)
12. Floor drain positioned in gradient

Each Helix steam generator is delivered with :
- 1 tactile control panel
- 1 temperature sensor
- 1 steam diffusion nozzle

Optional equippment

The perfume injection pump to enhance the steam in your hammam is available on option.
Perfume pump for steam generator


2 years

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