Akermann Aquabike

Akermann Aquabike whith training bar
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Aquabike AKERMANN + exercise bar
EUR 590.00
Aquabike for pool use,
Saddle and handlebars adjustable in height and depth,
Resistance mouldable in intensity,
Floor plates adaptable in height.
For residential and professional use.
In stock
A true innovation in the domain of aquabiking, the Akermann aquabike adapts perfectly to the needs of any user : residential, professional, men, women, beginners or experienced sports enthusiasts.
Why? Because pedalling in water is an activity that is within the reach of anyone. The Akermann immerged bike features user-friendly controls, adapting to the height and morphology of any user. This products force is completed by its quality construction materials and ergonomic aspect. The Akermann aquabike can help you reach any goal :

- Intensive training: Using adjustable resistance assisted by fins positioned in the pedals.
- Slimming : Retained water is drained from the body mass, promoting blood circulation and little by little, eliminating cellulite.
- Rehabilitate : Aquabiking stimulates muscles and joints, in a gentle, non-traumatic manner.
- Relaxation : After an aquabiking workout, the body feels soothed and relieved from tension.

The simple action of pedalling in water means you can reinforce the cardiovascular system whilst developing muscle and tonus at the same time. With ergonomic equipment (double handlebars, training bar, ring to attach exercise elastics), the Akermann aquabike means you can multiply and vary an exercise routine for fast, visible results.

Akermann aquabike poolside view
Akermann aquabike

User-friendly, fast controls

Because not everybody has the same objective or morphology, the Akermann aquabike offers various settings, to enjoy a made to measure bike:

- The saddle and handlebars : adjustable in height and depth, using Click & Turn controls

To find the most comfortable position for pedalling, the Akermann aquabike features handlebars and a saddle that is adjustable in height and depth, making it easy to find the perfect back position.

The position of the handlebars and saddle are easily modified using Click & Turn controls. Just pull and turn the lever, adjust the position of the saddle or handlebars, then release the lever, positioned in line with the aquabike frame.

This design detail ensures that no element protrudes from the aquabike frame, avoiding all risk of injury or accident.

For added simplicity, the handlebars stem features a series of numbered holes that are visible underwater, facilitating height adjustment.
Click and Turn

Adjustable saddle
Adjustable handlebars

- Floor plates that are adjustable in height

When aquabiking, pool water should reach waist level. Using its adjustable floor plates, the Akermann aquabike adapts to the majority of pools. Just adjust the height of the aquabike in coherence with the water level in the pool, using easy to turn knobs.

Adjustable floor plate
Adjusting knobs

The training bar

The training bar gives the opportunity for the user to complete their workout with transversal, abdominal and stretching exercises. Removable, the training bar can be easily fixed behind the saddle.

The Akermann training bar, very popular in sports clubs and residential situations alike, allows the training of two persons simultaneously. One using the bar, whilst the other pedals.

Aquabike training bar
Akermann aquabike training bar

From relaxation to intensive training

Adjustable resistance
The Akermann aquabike has been designed to adapt to all activities and users expectations. Equally adapted for use by experienced sports enthusiasts, those who desire an improved muscle tone or simply for relaxation. The resistance is adjustable, varying the intensity of effort depending on the desired objective and the user's physical condition. Fins situated at the level of the aquabikes pedals ensure water resistance. Just turn one or two fins to heighten or diminish the intensity of effort.

- Fin which is perpendicular to pedal : Water force faces the fins, it is, therefore, stronger. Physical effort is increased.
- Fin which is parallel to the pedal : Water force is created on the profile of the fin only, creating less resistance. Pedaling is easier.

To accentuate the effect of resistance, the Akermann aquabike uses thermo-molded pedals that feature a palm that "breaks" the fluid movement of pedalling. The physical effort is greater than when using a flat surface.

The Akermann aquabike lets each individual user progress with their individual rhythm. You can adapt pedal effort : the faster you pedal, the more resistance will be created.

For further comfort, the user can pedal barefoot. Their design includes an adjustable foot strap made from EVA (polyethylene-vinyl acetate), comparable to rubber. Soft and flexible, the foot strap is comfortable and easy to maintain.
Pedal Akermann aquabike

Akermann handlebars
Using the double handlebars, each user can vary their position as to multiply their exercise routine : endurance, sprint, well-being...

With silicon covers, Akermann aquabike handlebars allow easy handling, without the risk of slipping.

The handle covers are bright in colour and so are easily visible in the water, avoiding any hurt hazard.

For complementary exercises, the front floor plate of the l'Akermann feature fixation rings for exercise elastics. You can stretch while pedalling to tone upper muscles.

The Aquabike built to last

The Akermann aquabike has a design that is built to last in a residential and professional sphere. Its maritime quality, 316L stainless steel frame benefits from an anti-corrosion treatment that is compatible with all pool water treatments.
Its pedalling system is mounted on Peek bearings, made from an ultra resistant polymer. This material is not corrosive and these types of bearings are ideal for an intensive, professional use, contrary to classic bearings.

The frame of the Akermann aquabike has three steel reinforcements soldered on the saddle and floor plates. A complementary support bar ensures total solidity, permitting intense use without risk of instability or imbalance.

The aquabike - easy to use everyday

The Akermann aquabike has been cleverly designed to easily enter and exit from the pool water. Its frame is light and perforated (to evacuate water from the frame in less than three seconds). So light, that the frame can easily be lifted from the pool water at the end of a session. The aquabike's floorplates have white silicon pads that avoid the pool floor becoming marked, or the pool surround to become damaged when placing the aquabike into the water or removing it. The pads are flexible and soft, limiting the risk of hurting your foot whilst protecting the aquabikes floorplates.

The aquabike has wheels on the front of the frame to allow easy mobility.

To stay hydrated during your session without having to leave the water, the Akermann aquabike features a bottle holder in arms reach.

Cup holder within arms reach
Wheel pads protect your pool floor and surround

Technical features

Maritime quality, 316L stainless steel
Anti-corrosion treatment
22 kg
Advised depth
Between 1.10 and 1.50 m
Adapted pool finish
All : Liner, Ceramic, reinforced PVC, Fiberglass
Water resistance
Adjustable using pedal fins
Anti-slipping, EVA foot strap, easy maintenance
Pedal system
PEEK bearings, anti-corrosive with sealed rings
Multi-positionable, adjustable in height and depth, anti-slip, silicon handle covers
Adjustable in height and depth
Floor plates
Adjustable in height, complete with anti-scratch pads, wheels and forward facing rings
User maximum weight
150 kilos
55 x 95 x 155 cm (L x w x H)
Akermann aquabike


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