F145 removable chair lift

F145 removable chair lift
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F 145 chair lift for disabled pool access
Facilitates disabled access to above ground pools
Removable chair and support,
360° manual rotation,
Powered by rechargeable battery,
Maximal lifting weight 140kg
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F 145 chair lift for disabled pool access
Ref. Abatik 017612 Ref. Provider F145
EUR 5410
5410 €
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Securing harness for disabled water entry
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Optional four-point safety belt option
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F145 removable chair lift for disabled pool access in detail

Entirely removable chair lift for above ground pools
Developed in consultation with aquatic specialists, this chair lift is adapted for use by the disabled and replies to the needs of residential and public pool owners. Compact and easily manipulated, quickly removed and packed away after each use.
French legislation requires public establishments to facilitate pool access for disabled and those with reduced mobility. This concerns public pools, camping sites, leisure, rehabilitation and sports centres.

Description of the F145 chair lift

The chair lift has been designed for indoor and outdoor use
Featuring a galvanised steel structure, coated with an epoxy paint which resists to humidity and weather conditions. Removable, this chair lift is easily installed to any type of above ground pool (self-supporting, tubular, wood) or spa.

A user-friendly chair lift
The user can raise or lower the chair using the watertight control unit which is connected to the control box, situated on the lift.

The control panel is composed of a security box featuring an emergency stop and 24V rechargeable battery.
Removable batteries

F145 removable chair lift in situ
F145 removable chair lift

360° chair lift
When in use, the F145 requires the presence of a second person to manipulate rotation. The unit pivots effortlessly, the 2nd person can effectuate rotation of the chair lift up to 360°.

Removable, multi-task chair lift

This chair lift has been specifically designed to be easily moved.

Its structure allows easy removal and disassembly following use.

Interchangeable, the F145B can be used in several pools

In several simple steps, this chair lift can be assembled and disassembled:

(1) Insert the supporting post into the chair lift base.

Secure the control box featuring the emergency stop to the post.

(2) Secure the mobile lifting arm to the supporting post using a securing pin.

(3) Install the lifting system.

(4) Install the "L" shaped bar which maintains the chair to the lifting arm.

Once these elements are assembled, only the electrical connections need to use the chair lift :

- Connect the control unit cable

- Connect the cable which powers the lifting system

- Install the battery above the security box
Details F145B detachable chair lift

Adapted seating

The F145 chair can be attached or detached with total ease:
(1) Position the F145 chair in front of the lifting arm as to line up the chair to the fixation system.
(2) Using the hook situated on the lifting arm, attach the F145 chair. Using the lift button on the control unit, gently raise the F145 chair.
Push the lift button on the control unit to gently lift the F145 chair.
(3) Unhook the chariot by pulling on the blue lever situated to the right of the chair.
(4) The F145 chair is no longer attached to the supporting chariot.

Details F130

Secure and comfortable chair
The seated position is equipped with a plastic chair, a removable chariot equipped with 4 omnidirectional wheels, foldable armrests and 2-point safety belt.

Power supply and security system

The chair lift operates with a removable 24-volt rechargeable battery with a capacity of approximately 30 cycles (one cycle equals 1 raise rotation + 1 lower rotation).
Lifting and lowering time is estimated at 40 seconds.

(A) In the case of battery failure, the F145B features a security system situated on the lifting arm, identified by a red handle. When actioned, this button allows the 2nd person present to lower the seated user in total security.
In the case of emergency, the red button on the control unit blocks all movement of the chair lift.

Maximum user weight is 140kg.
F130 emergency stop

Various position of the F145 removable chair lift


The chair lift is available with several types of fixations:
1. Surface fixation using 40 x 40 cm plate on a concrete block measuring 60 x 60 x 60 cm
2. In-ground, with a plate integrated into a concrete block measuring 60 x 60 x 60 cm
3. In-ground, using an anchoring system
Surface installation of F145B detachable chair lift
Inground fixation of F145B detachable chair lift using plate
Inground anchored fixation of F145B detachable chair lift

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Technical features

Dimensions (in mm)
Dimensions F145 removable chair lift

63 kg
Power supply
24 V rechargeable battery
Manual security system in case of battery failure
Epoxy coated galvanised steel structure
Lifting capacity
Up to 140 kg
Maximal span of lifting arm
1350 mm
Maximum threshold crossing height
1900 mm
Lifting system type
Lifting time (in use)
40 sec
Lowering time (in use)
40 sec
360 ° manual
surface or in-ground
EU norm certified

Accessories on option

Harness F145B detachable chair lift for disabled pool access
4 point safety belt
4 point security belt

Other colours are available on option

Other colours are available. Contact us for your specific quote.


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