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ALLURE QUARTZ pool enclosure M 407x646x82 H anthracite
Telescopic enclosure, self-assembly kit,
Robust aluminium structure,
Transparent polycarbonate wall surround,
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-309
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ALLURE QUARTZ pool enclosure M 407x646x82 H aluminium
Ref. Abatik 027505 Ref. Provider 3Z02-08-002C
EUR 7190
7190 €
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ALLURE QUARTZ pool enclosure M 407x646x82 H anthracite
Ref. Abatik 027506 Ref. Provider 3Z02-08-002D
EUR 7190
7190 €
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ALLURE QUARTZ pool enclosure XL 520x860x100 H aluminium
Ref. Abatik 027507 Ref. Provider 3Z02-09-002C
EUR 10390
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ALLURE QUARTZ pool enclosure XL 520x860x100 H anthracite
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ALLURE QUARTZ pool enclosure in detail

Part of the new Abrissime® pool enclosure range, the Allure Quartz couples security and discretion.

The ideal complement to your pool environment, the Allure Quartz allows you to lengthen your swimming season conserving the pool water temperature.

This pool shelter is an excellent way to ensure your children's and pets security around the pool, avoiding the risk of falling or drowning.

By using a pool enclosure you equally facilitate the maintenance of your pool, limiting debris, dust and dirt in your pool water.

The Allure Quartz adapts to all pool shapes. The design of its robust, aluminium structure guarantees an excellent resistance to weather conditions.

Its modular conception allows the structure to be totally closed or partially opened by pushing back the modules.

The modules fit one into the other, sliding on their rails. This system allows you to easily uncover your pool water.

Allure quartz in situ

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Lengthens your swimming season
The Allure Quartz enclosure lengthens your swimming season. Creating a "greenhouse" effect, your pool water gains in temperature. The modules conception coupled with the sealing brush system creates a good insulation, limiting heat loss during the night.

All of the modules including the lateral door can be locked by key, guaranteeing the security of children and animals during your absence. Your pool is totally secure, and conforms to applicable legislation.

Valorises your pool
The modules of the Allure Quartz are equipped with transparent polycarbonate allowing excellent visibility to your pool area.
Allure Quartz transforms your pool into an outdoor living area where you can enjoy aquatic activities with family or friends: creating a welcoming, comfortable, supplementary living space that valorises your pool area.

Easy maintainance
This shelter protects your pool from dirt, dust and debris, such as leaves, pollen and pollution. Your pool water is easier to maintain and requires less chemical water treatment. This enclosure equally limits water evaporation and pH variations due to rainwater

Inside view Allure Crystal

Lengthens your swimming season

Allure Quartz lengthens your swimming season for a further 2 to 3 months.

The graph to the right shows a gain in temperature of 3 to 7°C during the summer season

The black curve corresponds to the temperature of water in the pool without the use of a shelter. The red curve corresponds to the pool water temperature with the use of a shelter.
Graph depicting water temperature with and without pool enclosure

Different available models

ModelOuter widthOuter lengthOuter height
Allure Quartz M4,07m6,46m0,82m
Allure Quartz XL5,20m8,60m1,00m

Fast and easy installation

Allure Quartz is delivered as a self-assembly kit. The structure is protected in a wooden casing, optimising protection during transport.
Silhouette kit
Following delivery, you can immediately begin installation as all hardware required is supplied with your kit. A clear, precise users manual details step by step instructions till you place your enclosure on its rails.
Installation enclosure kit

Number of modules depending on the length of your pool

The number of modules depends on the total length of your enclosure.

An enclosure measuring 6,46m in length is composed of 3 modules.
An enclosure measuring 8,60m is composed of 4 modules.

Each enclosure is placed on two rails. The width of the rails depends on the number of modules that compose the enclosure.

Total inside length of the shelterNumber of modulesWidth of each rail
6,38m321,3 cm
8,52m428,3 cm

The Structure

The enclosures in the Abrissime range benefit from all the technical innovation in terms of construction quality. Many quality controls are effectuated throughout the manufacturing process. The Allure Quartz uses the most qualitative manufacturing materials, proved by its 4mm transparent polycarbonate coupled with its aluminium structure.
Manufacturing conditions
Transparent polycarbonate

The structure of the Allure Quartz enclosure is available in two finishes: Aluminium or Anthracite.
Aluminium structure Aluminium finish
Anthracite structureAnthracite finish


Each module is equipped with latches on the rail guide, the last module is equipped with a key lock. This mechanism allows you to block the module on the rail.
You can close the totality of your enclosure so pool access is impossible. The smallest module features a latch locking system actioned from inside the enclosure. This ensures that no one can be accidentally locked inside the pool enclosure.
Locking system Silhouette Crystal

The Enclosures openings

The largest model of this enclosure features a removable front panel. Using tightening screws, you can easily remove or replace the front panel.
Removable front panel

The enclosure features a lateral sliding door on the largest model. You can choose, when assembling the kit, which side you wish to position the door on.
Rail Stop Silhouette Crystal
Sliding door Silhouette Crystal

The lateral door includes a key lock, that requires a 2-handed action, conforming to the norm NF P90-309.
Secure lock
Locking system Silhouette

The pool enclosures rail

The Allure Quartz has a guiding system that uses rails. This system features a protection against dirt ensuring the smooth passage of each module.
Schema rail

Abrissime rail

Rails schema
The rails mean you can "fold" your modules on one side of the pool or the other, as you wish.
Each module is independent, so you can open or close your enclosure any way you want.

Technical features

Structure and rails
Structure sections
40,5 x 55mm
Surface treatment
Structure finish
Aluminium or Anthracite
Wall panels
Translucide polycarbonate, 4 mm with anti UV treatment
Colour of polycarbonate
Polyamide with bearings
Front panel
Sliding door
Lateral on large model, equipped with key lock

Dimensions of enclosures

Allure Quartz Medium

Dimensions width Allure Crystal medium
G = Outer height (mm)
V = distance from ground level to summit of enclosure (mm)
A = Inner width (mm)
B = Outer width (mm)
C = Inner length (mm)
E = Outer length (mm)

Dimensions length Allure Crystal medium

Abri Allure Quartz XL

Dimensions width Allure Crystal XL
G = Outer height (mm)
V = distance from ground level to summit of enclosure (mm)
A = Inner width (mm)
B = Outer width (mm)
C = Inner length (mm)
E = Outer length (mm)

Dimensions length Allure Crystal XL

Allure quartz in situ

Packaging and transport

The Allure Quartz is delivered in kit form, 3 persons are needed to reception and unload all elements. All delivered merchandise should be inspected with the transporter on delivery.
Packing pool enclosure Abrissime
ModelPacking dimensionsWeight
Allure Quartz M445 x 48 x 127cm420kg
Allure Quartz XL561 x 55 x 127cm650kg



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