MAJESTIC high pool enclosure

Majestic high pool enclosure
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Majestic high 420x400x200 h aluminium finish
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Pre-assembled, ready to install telescopic modules,
Ultra-resistant, polycarbonate wall panelling,
Anti-corrosive, aluminium structure,
Made to measure
The Majestic high pool enclosure adds benefits to your pool all year round. Made from durable, resistant materials offering dependable protection, whatever the season. The Majestic high pool enclosure, features two straight wall panels and offers multiple advantages in terms of swimming use. This means you can fully enjoy your pool, for longer, while adding a real bonus to the value and aesthetic aspect of your pool.

The Majestic high enclosure is made to measure. Its polycarbonate wall panelling is available in a choice of several colours to adapt to your pool environment.

The advantages for your pool

The Majestic high pool enclosure presents many advantages concerning swimming comfort and pool security :

• Your swimming season is lengthened: The Majestic high enclosure has been designed using insulating materials, conserving heat in an optimal manner.

• Limits heat loss caused by cooler weather. If you use a Pool Heat pump, the cost of heating reduces and you can enjoy your pool for the majority of the year, even in the case of bad weather conditions.

• Easy to use, installed simply and easily.

• Optimal protection for your pool all year round : The Majestic high pool enclosure resists and endures the test of time, offering maximum protection in the case of wind, rain or snow.
Majestic in folded position

Inside view Majestic
• The Majestic high pool enclosure limits the intrusion of debris and dirt in the pool water (pollen, animals, vegetation), preserving quality water.

The water is less subject to evaporation and pH variation often caused by rain water.

The maintenance of your pool is eased and needs less chemical water treatment.

• Its height creates an outdoor living area : your outdoor furnishings, loungers and sports equipment all find their place under the Majestic high pool enclosure.

This multiplies the possible activities around your pool area, meaning you can fully benefit from your pool environment and the sun.

• The Majestic high pool enclosure is discreet and aesthetic, offering a large choice of available colours for the enclosure's structure and wall panelling.


The Majestic high pool enclosure is made to measure. It consists of pre-assembled, ready to install modules. The number of modules used depends on the dimensions of your pool. The enclosure is telescopic, the modules can be "folded" one into the other, so you can fold or unfold your pool enclosure as you wish.

The Majestic high pool enclosure is associated with a rail system that allows you to open or close your enclosure in all simplicity. The rails are positioned on either side of your pool, offering optimal anchoring and excellent wind resistance.

The rails of the Majestic enclosure presents a number of advantages :

Stain resistant : The rails benefit from an anti-stain/dirt treatment, ensuring smooth passage of the wheels and modules.

Double guideway : The modules of the enclosure slide from the rear and front of the structure, to cover or uncover your pool as you wish.

Bearings : Each module is equipped with ABS wheels mounted on bearings. This system does not require maintenance and is solid, perfectly resisting to weather conditions.

Latch system : The latch system means you can link one or several modules together.
ABS wheels

On Option :

Rail extension kit : To totally uncover your pool, a rail extension kit is available on request. By using this kit you can totally slide you enclose over your pool limit, so your pool water is completely uncovered.

Enclosure without extension rails
Enclosure without rail extension
Enclosure with extension rails
Enclosure with rail extension

The security rail: For further comfort and security, opt for this type of flat rail, limiting the risk of falling or injury.

Security rail
Security rails : On option

Construction materials

Wall panels : The wall panels of the Majestic high pool enclosure are made from polycarbonate, ultra-resistant to weather conditions. Polycarbonate guarantees excellent thermal insulation, limiting heat loss and preserving your swimming season. The wall panelling of the Majestic conserves heat in an optimal manner.

The polycarbonate used benefits from an anti-UV treatment, limiting the development of algae and the discolouring of the pool liner due to sun exposure.
Light in weight and so, easily manipulated.

On option : The Majestic wall panels are equally available in plexiglass. Offering excellent resistance to UV, scratching and chemical water treatment.

The structure : The modules of the 'Majestic high pool enclosure are supported by an anodised aluminium structure that is non-corrosive and easily maintained with a good resistance to chemical treatment products. Equally supporting cold and warm temperatures, even in extreme conditions. Light in weight, the structure is easily handled during operation.

For optimal solidity, two lateral reinforcement bars are positioned to support the angles and wall panels.

By using these quality, insulating materials, using the Majestic high pool enclosure makes the swimming season possible all year round if you use a heating system for your pool water.
Graph depicting water temperature with and without pool enclosure
Temperature of pool water with enclosure
Temperature of pool water without enclosure
Insulating brushes
To guarantee optimal insulation, the Majestic enclosure features polyamide brushes on ground level and between the modules as well as an elastomer bib on the front panel

To perfectly integrate into your pool environment, the polycarbonate wall surround is available in several colours : Translucid (standard version), Smoked, Green, White, Midnight Blue and Sky Blue.

Available colours for wall surround
Available colours of polycarbonate as listed above

3 Colours are equally available for the shelter's structure:
AluminiumAnthracite (on option)Bronze (on option)
Aluminium structureAnthracite structureBronze structure

Pool access

The Majestic high pool enclosure gives the choice of two front panel openings that can be locked by key.

To unlock this type of door, a two-handed action is required to ensure security.

This procedure implies the presence of an adult, limiting child access to the pool.

Access systems
1- Sliding door on front panel
2- Sliding door with rail
3- Lateral sliding door (on option)

The Majestic high pool enclosure features removable front and back panels : 3 tightening screws allow these panels to be removed and replaced easily in order to create an opening to the front or rear of the enclosure.

Key lock
Key lock
Sliding door rail
Door rail
Tightening screw
Front panel tightening screw

Technical features

Structure and rails
Aluminium finish. Other colours available on option : anthracite or bronze.
Section dimensions
40 x 60 mm
Surface treatment
Anodized aluminium
Wall panel
Polycarbonate 10 mm in depth, with two-sided anti-UV treatment.
Available colours of polycarbonate
Translucid (standard). Other colours available on option : Smoked, Green, White, Midnight Blue and Sky Blue
ABS mounted on bearings
Water treatment
This enclosure is compatible with all water treatment systems


Inner width (in m)
Central height (in m)
From 4 m
2,0 - 2,1
From 4,5 m
2,1 - 2,2
From 5 m
2,2 - 2,3
From 5,5 m
2,3 - 2,4
From 6 m
2,4 - 2,5

Total length (in m)Number of modulesWidth of rails (on both sides of pool)
4,2214,5 cm
6,3321,5 cm
8,4428 cm
10,5535 cm
12,6641,2 cm
14,7748 cm
16,8855 cm

Majestic high pool enclosure : Available options

- Security rails
- Triple rail
- 2-way rail
- Rail extension
- Add door without sill
- Add door with sill
- Modification of structure colour (bronze or anthracite)
- Modification of wall panel polycarbonate colour
- Plexiglas front and back panel
- Additional reinforcing bar
- Additional key lock module

The range of Majestic enclosures

High Majestic pool enclosure
Low Majestic pool enclosure


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