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IDEALCOVER CASABLANCA C high enclosure, wooden finish

Casablanca C
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IDEALCOVER CASABLANCA C, pool shelter 7m x 15m90 x 2m94h, wooden finish
EUR 32400.00
High, telescopic shelter for pools measuring up to 14m,
length 15m90 width 7m height 2m94,
Delivered in kit form, easy installation, aluminium structure with wooden finish,
Conform to NF P 90-309

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High, telescopic shelter for pools up to 14m

Length 15m90, width 7m, height 2m94

The IDEALCOVER CASABLANCA C pool shelter has been specifically designed to cover residential pools up to 14m. Simple and rapid installation that you can effectuate yourself!

With exceptional dimensions that allow you to fully enjoy your poolside all year round. Its "wooden finish" harmonises perfectly with your outdoor environment (elements constituted from an aluminium and polycarbonate).
By means of the greenhouse effect created by the shelter, sunrays naturally heat your indoor pool area. Your swimming season is longer, and you can enjoy your pool even during inclement weather. If you use a pool heating system, you can even swim during the winter months!
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Casablanca high pool enclosure wooden finish

Advantages of the shelter

- Wall, front and rear panels made from PLEXIGLAS, complete with anti-UV treatment.
- Choice of white or wood finish.
- Comfortable standing height.
- Conservatory comfort when the shelter is warm.
- 2 sliding lateral doors on the largest module.
- Removable front panel featuring a liftable section to avoid obstacles.
- Delivered in kit form (no risk of deterioration during transport).

Technical features of the high pool shelter

- Anodised aluminium structure (AlMgSi).
- Integrated reinforced sections on modules.
- Center distance of tracks 110 mm
- Monobloc tracks made from anodised aluminium.
- Non removable rear panel.
- Front panel static and liftable, double door, hinged.
- Lateral entry points on largest module.
- Side, front and rear panels made from PLEXIGLASS.
- Roofing made from multi-walled polycarbonate, 10 mm (3,1kW/m²), complete with anti-condensation treatment.
Wooden aspect
Casablanca "wooden finish"

Casablanca wooden finish
Inner view Casablanca C
Folded view Casablanca C

Temperature chart

Position 1
Removable front panel, with liftable section
Position 2
Monobloc rails
Position 3
Sliding lateral doors on the largest module
Position 4
Plexiglass, transparant panels with anti-UV treatment

Casablanca description
- Non-removable rear panel.
- Sections 73,5 x 50mm Anodised aluminium structure (AlMgSi) pale, wooden finish.
- Front panel features a key lock and liftable section. Anti-intrusion device for child protection.
- Removable front panel featuring a liftable segment to avoid obstacle collisions with : ladders, diving board garden furniture etc.
- Bib on front and rear panel. The bib of 12cm avoids abrasion of the modules on the pool surround when moving, limits heat loss and stops dirt and debris from entering the pool water.
- 2 lateral sliding doors on the largest model. Key lock and anti-intrusion device for child protection.
- Composition of roofing : multi-walled polycarbonate 10mm. Inner NO DROP anti-condensation treatment under roofing. Coefficient of calorie loss K= 3,1Kw/m².
- Composition of wall panels : transparent plexiglass with anti-UV treatment. Clarity coefficient of light entry 92%. Coefficient of calorie loss K= 5,4Kw/m².
- Tracks made from anodised aluminium.

Side view

Dimensions of the pool shelter

Outer width of the shelter (cm)
Inner width of the shelter (cm)
Outer length of the shelter (cm)
1 590
Outer height of the shelter (cm)
Inner dimensions of the shelter (cm)
710 x 1590
Number of modules
Time of installation per module
2 hours / 3 persons
Packaging dimensions of kit (cm)
700 x 120 x 95 - 350 x 120 x 240
Weight of kit
2420 kg


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