Ocedis mosquito and wasp repellent

Ocedis mosquito and wasp repellent
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Ocedis 6 X 1 litre wasp and mosquito repellent
EUR 119.00
Non-foaming liquid repellent,
Treats your pool water and surrounding area,
to be sprinkled or pulverised
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The Ocedis wasp repellent is a strong insect repulsive, preserving your pool and its surrounding area from wasps and mosquitos. It's Citronella odour efficiently repulses flying insects, allowing you to fully enjoy your swimming pool.

This liquid treatment does not present a risk for skin or plant life in proximity to your pool. Equally without danger for your filtration equipment and pool finish. This treatment product is compatible, once diluted, with all disinfecting water treatments. Ocedis wasp and mosquito repellent does not modify your pool water pH. Non-foaming, this repellent can be used in spas, pools with counter current units or a powerful filtration system.


To efficiently repel insects, pour one litre of Ocedis repellent for 50 m³ of water.

You can equally treat your pool surround (border, coping, garden) by sprinkling or pulverisation. Dilute the product to 10%, 1 litre of wasp repellent to 10 litres of water.
Ocedis mosquito and wasp repellent

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