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Ref. Abatik 011409
ORTOS 110 dehumidifier without heating option
Mobile, vertical dehumidifier with electric heater on option,
For pools from 20 to 60 m2
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ORTOS 110 dehumidifier without heating option
Ref. Abatik 011409
EUR 6150
6150 €
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ORTOS 110 dehumidifier with heating option
Ref. Abatik 008341 Ref. Provider ORTOS B2B 110
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ORTOS 140 dehumidifier without heating option
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ORTOS 140 B2B dehumidifier with heating option
Ref. Abatik 008342 Ref. Provider ORTOS B2B 140
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ORTOS 190 dehumidifier without heating option
Ref. Abatik 011411
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ORTOS 190 dehumidifier with heating option
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TEDDINGTON ORTOS 1 year guarantee extension
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The TEDDINGTON ORTOS range of dehumidifiers is designed for use in prestigious indoor or covered pools or any other area which requires humidity control.
TEDDINGTON ORTOSdehumidifiers unite understated design elegance with a vertical column conception - reducing installation space, facilitating the units insertion in your pool or spa environment.
Integrated hot water battery is available on option. This method heats air once dehumidified, avoiding a "cold" sensation when exiting pool water.
A clear, user-friendly digital display indicates humidity rate and air temperature (models featuring heating option).


• Large dehumidification capacity.
• Compact and vertical unit requires a maximum floor installation space of 0,25 m² with a width of less than 40 cm.
• Elegant, harmonious design.
• User-friendly in operation, touch keypad and multifunctional remote.
• Very easy to install using units wheels and supplied material.
• Electric air heater available on option.
• Condensate pump.
• Elegant white and grey ABS bodywork - anti-humidity and anti-corrosive coating.
• Pool specific, equally compatible with all humid environments.
• Electronic hygrostat displaying humidity rate and temperature on the front panel.
• 3 ventilation speeds with automatic mode.
• Ventilation grills close automatically when not in use.
• Automatic right/left and up/down sweep of dry air for better distribution in the dehumidified area.
• Operational timer of 1 to 12 hours. Timer for an automatic stop or differed start.
TEDDINGTON ORTOS dehumidifier condensation evacuation pipe

• Integrated wheels to easily move unit, bracket anti-tipping
• High-performance robust rotary compressor cooling circuit without CFC's or R410a.
• Raccordement électrique 230V L+N+PE using supplied cable (2m in length).
• Supplied condensation evacuation tube, 13 mm in diameter, 5m in length.
• Fast defrost cycle (30 seconds) by means of hot gas allowing use from 5°c (in a pool enclosure, for example).

Wheels TEDDINGTON ORTOS dehumidifier

The unit's wheel system

TEDDINGTON ORTOS dehumidifier control panel

Control panel situated at the front of the unit

Multifunctional remote control TEDDINGTON ORTOS dehumidifierMultifonctional remote control
TEDDINGTON ORTOS dehumidifier anti tipping bracketAnti-tipping bracket

Technical characteristicsORTOS 110 with heating option ORTOS 140 with heating optionORTOS 190 with heating option
Reccomended pool volume20 to 30 m230 to 40 m240 to 60 m2
Dehumidifier capacity1300 w1650 w2300 w
Capacity of ambient heater (with heating option)2000 w2000 w2000 w
Total capacity (with heating option)3300 w3650 w4300 w
Amperage (A) (with heating option)15,116,719,7
Operational timerFrom 1 to 12 hoursFrom 1 to 12 hoursFrom 1 to 12 hours
Humidity rate and temperature displayyesyesyes
Air filterWashableWashableWashable
Air flow850 m³/h850 m³/h1150 m³/h
Electrical supply230 V (L+N)230 V (L+N)230 V (L+N)
Cable sections4mm²4mm²4mm²
Circuit breaker required (with heating option)16A20A20A
2 m supply cableIncludedIncludedIncluded
CompressorToshiba rotaryToshiba rotaryToshiba rotary
SweepUp/down and left/rightUp/down and left/rightUp/down and left/right
Ventilation speed3, with automatic mode3, with automatic mode3, with automatic mode
Maximum discharge height4 m4 m4 m
Dehumidification at 30°C - 80% H.R4,5 L/h6 L/h8 L/h
Dehumidification at 28°C - 60% H.R2,6 L/h3,9 L/h5,1 L/h
Dehumidification at 20°C - 60% H.R1,5 L/h2,6 L/h3,5 L/h
Decibels measured at 5m47 dBa48 dBa53 dBa
Cooling liquidR410aR410aR410a
Condensation evacuation tube diameter1"1/2 tube 5 m supplied1"1/2 tube 5 m supplied1"1/2 tube 5 m supplied
ColourBlue and light greyBlue and light greyBlue and light grey
EU certifiedYesYesYes
TÜV certifiedYesYesYes
Depth x Width x Height470 x 1790 x 535 mm470 x 1790 x 535 mm520 x 1790 x 535 mm
Weight (with heating option)72 kg77 kg84 kg

The dehumidifier must be installed in the room that requires humidity control at least 2m from pool side to conform to the norm C.15.100.


2 years

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